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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition which causes numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand and wrist (which can radiate up the arm as well). The carpal tunnel is actually a narrow, rigid passageway (about the diameter of your thumb) located on the underside of the wrist which houses the median nerve and various tendons. The median nerve controls sensations to the palm side of your thumb and fingers (except the little finger); when the median nerve becomes compressed it results in the pain, tingling, and numbness which are symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

While we often associate carpal tunnel wrist and syndrome with improper hand positioning while typing (usually work related), there are actually numerous causes of this condition. A 2001 study by Mayo Clinic revealed intensive computer use (up to 7 hours a day) "did not increase a person"s risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome" (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke).

Gender and genetics may be the primary reasons behind carpal tunnel pain; some people are genetically predisposed to smaller carpal tunnels, and women are more likely to have smaller carpal tunnels than men (women are three times more likely to suffer from carpal tunnel pain than men). Other causes of carpal tunnel include hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, menopause/pregnancy (via fluid retention), obesity, an overactive pituitary gland, diabetes (increases your risk of nerve damage), wrist swelling from a trauma or injury (i.e. sprain or fracture), work stress, and repeated hand and/or wrist movements (especially when improper positioning is also at play). People working in an assembly line type of work (manufacturing, sewing, meat packing, etc) are most likely to suffer from carpal tunnel pain. If you are concerned you have carpal tunnel pain, your doctor can perform a physical examination as well as xrays and tests if needed to diagnose you with carpal tunnel syndrome. Early detection and treatment are key to preventing permanent damage to the median nerve.

There are numerous options to provide carpal tunnel relief and treatment. Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome usually begins conservatively and more aggressive options are tried only after earlier treatments fail. Initially over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen can help reduce swelling in the carpal tunnel. Most doctors recommend a carpal tunnel splint to help relieve hand and wrist pain. There are a wide variety of braces for carpal tunnel on the market. The key to an effective carpal tunnel wrist brace is it provides support to keep the wrist joint immobile (usually via a flat, thin piece of hard plastic or metal). The natural resting position for your wrist is actually bent slightly backward, in a thirty degree position so the carpal tunnel splint should comfortably maintain your wrist in that position. Among the wide variety of splints and braces for carpal tunnel we carry, the Saebo Stretch Hand Splint and Dorsal Carpal Tunnel Splint Hand Orthosis are among our customer"s favorites.

Carpal tunnel wrist wraps offer support but provide some flexibility for your wrist as well (most don"t include the rigid stays found in the braces above). The patented Smart Glove Wrist Support was developed by an orthopedic/hand surgeon, while the Therion Balance MTR Magnetic Wrist Support utilizes magnets to increase the recovery process.

Hot and cold therapy can provide pain relief and reduce swelling. Some carpal tunnel wrist supports provide both reinforcement and hot/cold therapy such as the ActiveWrap Wrist Heat & Ice Wrap and the Elasto-Gel Wrist Wrap.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy actually resonates with the water molecules in the body (remember we"re composed of 90% water) to increase blood circulation, the immune system, and helps soft tissues heal faster; infrared therapy penetrates soft tissues more deeply making it ideal for carpal tunnel pain relief. Products like the Thermotex Wrist Infrared Heating Pad and the Medlight 630 Pro Near Infrared Light Therapy Device provide high quality pain relief.

The FDA approved LaserTouchOne Cold Laser Therapy Device is the first pain relief product of its kind to combine the healing functions of both laser light and micro-current electrical stimulation therapies into one, convenient, hand-held applicator.

Other carpal tunnel pain relief treatments include Massage Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic care. A study by the University of Pennsylvania found people with carpal tunnel syndrome who did Yoga twice a week for a period of eight weeks had a more significant reduction in pain than the control group (people with carpal tunnel who wore carpal tunnel splints). Some carpal tunnel sufferers find it useful to retrain their bodies to move in ways less likely to aggravate the median nerve. Create a more by regularly stretching your wrist and hands with the innovative Xtensor Hand Exerciser.

While there aren"t any proven strategies to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, you can minimize stress on your hands and wrist by taking frequent breaks, watching your form, improving your posture, keeping your hands warm, reducing your force when doing activities with your hands (i.e. don"t strike the keys roughly when typing), and relaxing your grip when writing with a pen.

We have carefully chosen, proven effective choices of products that help you care for and solve the most challenging conditions associated with your hands. You can count on our great pricing too!

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  1. Banyan Black Neoprene Wrist Support - Adjustable - Black

    Banyan Black Neoprene Wrist Support - Adjustable - Black

    SKU: A22040


    The Banyan Black Neoprene Wrist Support is an economically priced ambidextrous stabilization brace designed to provide effective support and even compression. The unique wraparound style keeps the palm open and allows for full use of the hand, for added user convenience.

    An adjustable Velcro closure allows the support to fit any sized wrist comfortably and the neoprene construction retains body heat to help increase the bodys therapeutic response, cutting healing time, and improving wrist function. Reduce your risk for injury and support injured, aching wrists, buy your Banyan Black Neoprene Wrist Support today from!

    Learn More
  2. Venture Heat At-Home FIR Infrared Heated Wrist Wrap

    Venture Heat At-Home FIR Infrared Heated Wrist Wrap

    SKU: A17333


    The Venture Heat At-Home FIR Infrared Heated Wrist Wrap is an easy to use, safe and effective heat therapy device that relieves pain in the wrist area. Unlike traditional heating wraps, Venture Heat utilizes an advanced technology called Far Infrared Ray (FIR) that safely penetrates heat deep into muscles and joints without overheating or burning the skin.

    Learn More
  3. Thermotex TTS Wrist Infrared Heating Pad

    Thermotex TTS Wrist Infrared Heating Pad

    SKU: A17273x


    The Thermotex Wrist Infrared Heating Pad is a safe and effective heat therapy device specifically designed for treating the wrist. Especially ideal for those suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other repetitive strain injuries, the Thermotex Wrist Infrared Heating Pad utilizes far infrared technology to deliver deep heat to reduce pain and inflammation.

    Learn More
  4. SoftFlex Computer Gloves

    SoftFlex Computer Gloves

    SKU: A12045


    Developed by a world renown orthopedic hand surgeon, the SoftFlex Computer Gloves patented parallel cushion design cushions, absorbs and diverts the pressure the causes wrist pain and stress commonly affecting long term computer users while typing. Proven effective in clinical studies, these unique gloves help to eliminate the numbness, tingling and pain associated with prolonged keyboard and mouse use.

    Learn More
  5. Smart Glove Wrist Support

    IMAK Smart Glove Wrist Support

    SKU: A12146


    The IMAK Smart Glove Wrist Support is a comfortable, flexible wrist brace designed to ease the pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), Arthritis, Tendonitis, cramping, and fatigue.

    Learn More
  6. SmartThumb


    SKU: A16628x


    The patented SmartThumb helps users prevent and relieve thumb pain often associated with Arthritis and everyday activities. Especially ideal for sore, aching and weak thumbs, the SmartThumb features a flexible support splint that allows full use of the thumb, while an elastic inset and foam wrist cushion adds extra support and protection.

    Learn More
  7. Carpal Roller & Foot Massager

    Carpal Roller & Foot Massager

    SKU: A20666


    Carpal Roller & Foot Massager Learn More
  8. Carpal Mate Wrist Support

    Carpal Mate Wrist Support

    SKU: A12046x


    The Carpal Mate Carpal Tunnel wrist support is lightweight and designed to maintain the wrist in a neutral position while allowing full finger dexterity.

    The Carpal Mate was skillfully designed to provide support for the wrist when performing repetitive tasks such as typing and data entry, light assembly, crafting, and/or fine detail work. The wrist support forms a cradle that, in conjunction with the rigid angle, holds the wrist firmly in a non-dropping, neutral position.

    Learn More
  9. Carepeutic Digital Talking Power Hand Grip Exerciser

    Carepeutic Digital Talking Power Hand Grip Exerciser

    SKU: A22899


    When you are stunned by  the oversized, heavy training tools and wonder how you can move them around or store them in your home, have you ever thought about trying a handy exercise device that can bring you the similar workout results and, yet, you can carry it with you wherever you go? 

    Learn More
  10. Button Hook Zipper Puller

    Button Hook Zipper Puller

    SKU: A16041


    The Enablers Button Hook and Zipper Puller is a unique product specifically designed to assist in the daily activities of the elderly and those with arthritic or weakened grip due to conditions such as stroke, Parkinsons, ALS, or Neuropathy. Lightweight and compact, the Zipper Button Puller can easily fit in a purse, briefcase or pocket for use whenever needed. The Button Hook Zipper Puller features two different tips that fold out from the ergonomic handle when need for pulling either zippers or buttons.

    Learn More
  11. IMAK Computer Glove

    IMAK Computer Glove

    SKU: A12327


    Whether you are traveling or at home, using a computer or laptop for an extended period of time can cause overall discomfort and put strain on your wrists. This wrist strain can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, repetitive motion injuries, cramping, and fatigue.

    Learn More
  12. Pil-O-Splint


    SKU: A12147x


    The Pil-O-Splint is an easy to use wrist splint that is designed to help relieve pain in the wrist and hand. This wrist brace helps individuals who suffer from arthritis, tendonitis or stroke, as well as repetitive movements while using a computer or playing tennis.

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