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Cooking Aids stocks a wide range of helpful cooking aids to help promote an independent life style. These cooking aids help busy cooks stay safe in the kitchen. These kitchen products are for anyone that wants to make their kitchen time more productive and safe. Here are a few of Activeforever"s best selling cooking aids.

Onion Goggles

Tear Free Chopping, Mincing, Dicing, and Slicing! So, You don"t want to look like a cry baby while you are cutting up onions in the kitchen. We get it, that is why we stock onion goggles. Obviously if you want or "have" to wear protective eye wear you do not want to look like a complete nerd wearing them. That"s why the maker of the "onion goggles" made them so sweet and hip looking.

The key to our Onion Goggles is that they fit you like glasses, and slip on and off easily without disturbing a hair on your head. The comfortable foam seal blocks out irritating onion vapors, and the slightly tinted and fog-free lenses add to the maximum clarity of the Onion Goggles. These hip, unisex design Onion Goggles are available in multiple colors and fit most face shapes, but do not fit over glasses. The protective case keeps your Onion Goggles clean and scratch-free for the next use. Buy your Onion Goggles from ActiveForever today!

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Cooking Aids

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