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We are very excited whenever we find a rehabilitation or conditioning device that enables the body to take care of its own pain, healing or performance. This Core Laser is incredible! It's so fundamental and uncomplicated, and so exciting to see the results in such a short amount of time. Plus, the therapy or athletic client can be shown what to do, and do it all on their own with no worry of i View more
Review by on 22/05/2013 2:00 PM

1 Item(s)

A Comprehensive Clinical-Grade Core Stabilization and Rehabilitation Therapy System!

Each Pro system consists of two Core Laser Therapy Belts with travel bags, an institutional freestanding target that is specifically designed to accommodate a variety of patients, Tape Measure, Patient Progress Charting Material, instructional DVD and a premuim carry case.

Combining Direct Visual Feedback (DVF), through the beam of an advanced Class IIIa laser and the adjustable pelvic Core Laser belt, the Core Laser Pro leads patients through a series of laser guided dynamic pelvic exercises all designed to increase flexibility, proprioception and strength in the stabilizing muscles of the spine.

Developed with support from leading physical therapists and physicians, the Laser Gym Core Laser Pro provides a comprehensive lumbopelvic stabilization and proprioceptive workout experience. Clinicians and patients alike are able to track core movement in real time, allowing for significant and instantly trackable gains in motor control and core power in a short amount of time. The Neuro-Muscular connections formed by the combination of visual feedback and physical action ensures patient results are not only immediate, but long lasting.

The Core Laser Pro is an revolutionary treatment system for lower back pain sufferers, addressing the major factors in both chronic and acute back pain; weak muscles, and lack of exercise. Beneficial for patients at nearly any activity level, the Laser Gym Core Laser Pro Systems multi-sensory stimulation improves overall well-being with its relaxing, technique-driven workouts.

Laser Gym Core Laser

The Core Laser Pro's rehabilitation exercises targets three specific muscle groups, the Transversus Abdominis (abdominals), the Lumbar Multifidi (lower back), and the pelvic floor muscles, strengthening the spines support system and increasing trunk stability. The Core Laser Pro simultaneously delivers increased range of motion, and helps to reinforce proprioception in the core muscle group as well.

Easy to put on and adjustable to fit individual waists up to 48", this remarkable exercise and rehabilitation unit helps users recover faster, perform better, and forge superior core stability. Simultaneously refining the motor control and coordination while improving flexibility, agility, posture and circulation, the Laser Gym Core Laser Pro Exercise System delivers clinical-grade results immediately. Order yours today from!

ActiveForever and Laser Gym Present Core Laser Pro for Advanced Professional Training and Physical Therapy

Core Strengthening and Coordination with Core Laser Pro Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Back Pain

Core Laser Pro Features:

  • Direct Visual Feedback (DVF) trains the patient with external visual cues
  • Multiple functional exercises help increase core stability and motor control
  • Train your swing for many sports; tennis, baseball, hockey
  • Reduces back pain and tight muscles effectively by strengthening the core
  • Easy to adjust for a variety of patients
  • Increased proprioception helps reinstall normal movement patterns
  • Develops coordination and communication between upper and lower body
  • Increases core blood circulation
  • Adjustable nylon waist belts with easy snap buckles
  • Includes premium carry case with free-standing PRO target, 2 Core Laser belts with batteries and carrying bags, & patient progress worksheet

Laser Gym Core Laser Pro Specifications:

  • Core Laser Dimensions: 4.75" H x 4.25" L x 1.5" W
  • Belt Size: fits waists up to 48"
  • Power: 3v CR2 batteries
  • PRO Target Dimensions: 62" H x 45" W
  • Laser Type: Custom Class IIIa
  • Includes: 2 Core Laser Pro units with batteries, "No Pain Just Power" instructional DVD, tape measure, patient progress charting materials, adjustable free standing PRO target, and premium carrying case

Warranty: one (1) year manufacturers limited warranty

Returns: All returns subject to ActiveForever's return policy and a 15% reprocessing fee. Please call Customer Service for a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

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  • Core Laser  Pro Exercise System by Laser Gym
  • Core Laser  Pro Exercise System by Laser Gym
  • Core Laser  Pro Exercise System by Laser Gym
  • Core Laser  Pro Exercise System by Laser Gym
  • Core Laser  Pro Exercise System by Laser Gym
  • Core Laser  Pro Exercise System by Laser Gym
  • Core Laser  Pro Exercise System by Laser Gym
  • Core Laser  Pro Exercise System by Laser Gym

Core Laser Pro Exercise System by Laser Gym

SKU: A22730

The Laser Gym Core Laser Pro System is a therapeutic rehabilitation and training tool designed for physical therapy centers and other clinical settings.