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Continuous Passive Motion

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CPM - Continuous Passive Motion Machines

Continuous Passive Motion devices are normally used during the first phase of rehabilitation post surgery or for other soft tissue trauma.  These machines typically reduce rehab time by controlling motion in the affected limbs and moving them passively without causing additional strain or inflammation for the patient.  This controlled movement will increase overall range in motion, hinder the formation of fibrous scar tissue within the joint, as well as promote circulation and oxygenation.  These benefits significantly reduce recovery time for a patient and allows them to get back to their ordinary routine quicker.

What kinds of CPM devices are there?

CPM machines are used predominately after surgeries or injuries in the knees, ankles, elbows or shoulders.  During recovery, these joints may be too sore or weak to bend on their own, however this lack of motion hinders the healing process and can keep rehabilitation at a stand still making it terribly difficult for you to move on to more aggressive physical therapy. 

By passively forcing the knee, or other joint, to move, you are reducing the prevalance of scar tissue, promoting muscle growth, and increasing blood flow.  With less, or no, scar tissue and muscles that have not atrophied, a person is able to rehabilitate faster and move on to further therapy quicker.  This ultimately will get them back to tip top shape sooner and with less overall affects from the trauma of surgery or other injury.

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