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Buy the Right Crutches: How to Regain Your Mobility After an Injury

Crutches have been in use for centuries to assist people regain their independence and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Available in a variety of styles and heights, crutches are designed to provide support and balance for those recovering from injury. Crutches give people with impaired mobility a fresh start on recovery, allowing the user to stay active and independent.

Common complaints with crutches are their length and awkward shape. The standard crutch design is oftentimes painful for the person dependent on these crutches. Crutch users often have so much issue with transporting their crutches, they sometimes opt to just stay home.

Here at ActiveForever, we refuse to give in to that defeatist attitude. Instead we began to carry a remarkable new crutch designed by Millennial Medical, a company much like our own, that strived to create a comfortable and easy-to-use mobility aid. Millennial In-Motion Pro Crutches were the result of their tireless efforts. These crutches were designed from the ground up, addressing the major concerns of people who suffer with their current standard crutches. Spring-loaded tips reduce the impact of each step on the joints, and the ergonomically designed underarm cradle and hand grips provide a more natural feel when walking to reduce strain and fatigue. These crutches also fold in half, allowing the user greater travel freedom, as the compact design takes up a fraction of the space needed to stow a pair of standard crutches.

People who suffer from more severe balance issues sometimes are not able to stay upright enough to be able to use the crutches that have been described here. In these cases, many times a doctor will recommend Euro-crutches, or more commonly called Forearm crutches. These crutches support the weight of the body above the wrist, reducing the strain on the lower body. These crutches are typically height adjustable unless they were custom designed for the user, and are available in multiple colors like the Euro-Style Forearm Crutches. Designed with lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, these crutches feature a contoured cuff and textured grip for comfort and are much shorter than standard crutches, making them much easier to transport and maneuver.

When you suffer from a lower body injury, few realize the importance of having your hands free. Much like the saying "you don"t know what you"ve got until it"s gone" it is hard to realize the limitations caused by having to rely on crutches for mobility. In efforts to reduce the restrictions people are subject to when confined to crutches, iWalkFree, a Canadian-based company, designed and manufactured a revolutionary device for mobility. They call it the Hands-Free Crutch, and it is a new and unique device that supports the user"s leg at the knee. Much like a modern-day peg-leg, the iWalkFree Hands-Free Crutch allows the user to keep both hands free and walk without furthering their injury. This crutch is made more for the user without major balance issues, as it supports only one leg while walking, as opposed to more conventional crutches that support the entire body"s weight after each step.

ActiveForever is well aware of the notion that crutches have not changed design in over 70 years, and the idea that standard crutches are extremely practical for a variety of injuries. For these reasons, we do our best to cater to the needs of the injured and disabled and carry not only standard crutches, but also various devices designed to make standard crutches more comfortable and practical. There are accessories for crutches that add extra padding to the handgrips and underarms. There are even a couple different pouches to help carry items while your hands are busy maintaining your mobility. No matter the disability or ailment, ActiveForever is here to help. Browse our collection of mobility aids and find what"s right for you!

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  1. Medline Quick-Fit Crutches

    Medline Quick-Fit Crutches

    SKU: A17120


    The Medline Quick-Fit Crutches are perfect for individuals recovering from surgery or an injury. Suitable for users ranging from 4' 7" to 6' 7", easy height settings easily adjust for a comfortable fit, while quick grip adjustments quickly adjusts to accommodate the patient.

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  2. Invacare Quick Change Aluminum Crutches

    Invacare Quick Change Aluminum Crutches

    SKU: A13533x

    Invacare Quick Change Aluminum Crutches are lightweight, easy to adjust underarm crutches that provide comfortable support for people of all sizes. With a solid, one piece frame, Invacare Quick Change Aluminum Crutches are constructed of anodized aluminum for added durability without increased weight.

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  3. Drive Steel Forearm Crutches

    Drive Steel Forearm Crutches

    SKU: A14222x

    Starting at: $18.99

    To help you with a safe and speedy recovery, we've researched the best fore arm crutches available at the best possible price. The Drive Steel Forearm Crutches provide you with a stable and safe means of mobility enabling you to concentrate on your recovery.

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  4. Drive Medical Crutches

    Drive Medical Crutches

    SKU: A12151


    Our underarm crutches are made of lightweight aluminum with rubber armrests and grips. They fit comfortably under the arm and provide outstanding support. The double push buttons offer quick and easy height adjustment in 1" increments and non-skid, jumbo-size vinyl contoured tips provide excellent traction. The double extruded center tube provides additional strength to weight-bearing area. 

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  5. Millennial Forearm Crutches

    Millennial Forearm Crutches

    SKU: A17318


    The Millennial Forearm Crutches offer individuals recovering from an injury, surgery or any other disability with a comfortable and safe mode of mobility assistance.

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  6. Sheepskin Ranch Sheep Skin Crutches Accessory Kit

    Sheepskin Ranch Sheep Skin Crutches Accessory Kit

    SKU: A12477x

    Starting at: $47.99

    The Sheepskin Ranch Sheep Skin Crutches Accessory Kit is perfect for making crutches comfortable and easier to use. The 100% genuine sheepskin is soft to touch and helps to eliminate friction and tearing of the skin.

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  7. DMI Underarm Pads for Crutches

    DMI Underarm Pads for Crutches

    SKU: A29199


    Do you need replacement underarm pads for your crutches? Well, the DMI Underarm Pads for Crutches Underarm pads are for you.

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  8. DMI Crutch Underarm Pads Regular

    DMI Crutch Underarm Pads Regular - 12 Pair

    SKU: A29200


    Do you need replacement underarm pads for your crutches? Well, the DMI Crutch Underarm Pads Regular are for you.

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8 Item(s)

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