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Diabetic Accessories

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Understanding Diabetes

There are several types of Diabetes. Some can be controlled by diet and exercise alone, but some can cause severe health problems that can only be controlled and minimized with proper medicines. For any diabetic patient, a large part of living is about being able to understand their own body and controlling it to its optimum potential. There isn’t an option to slack off. However, technology has been able to make a diabetic’s world a lot easier with revolutionary products. From simple devices like pen needles to glucose sensors, there are so many things that become a part of a diabetic’s life.

Foot Protection and Care

The most important advice for diabetics is to control their diet and get sufficient physical exercise. ActiveForever hosts a variety of products in this category that are being used globally. They also need to protect their feet from injury and infection. The Ossur Mesh Top Post-Op Shoe is orthopedic product that is highly recommended for people looking to rehabilitate after foot surgeries. Designed for stability, the material itself will act as an intended treatment. Similarly, the Footmate System has been designed to massage, condition and cleanse the feet (even the spaces in between the toes) without the person needing to bend down. This product is also ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet including athletes, teachers, nurses, kids, parents, sales professionals, even those who are pregnant or have back pain.

Sensory and Bio-Feedback Devices

Another highly important accessory in the life of a diabetic is insulin control solution. Products like the ACCU-CHECK Compact Blue from ActiveForever have been thoroughly recommended by doctors across the globe. Monitoring and application accessories such as the insulin syringe, disposable blood lancelet, body sponges, needle clippers, and others become a normal part of their lifestyle. While the number of those with Diabetes is growing every day, is it only thorough knowledge and recommended precautions that can put them as ease while monitoring and taking care of their illness.

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  1. FreeStyle Control Solutions

    FreeStyle Control Solutions

    SKU: A19517


    FreeStyle Control Solutions Learn More
  2. FRIO Insulin Cooling Pump Wallet

    FRIO Insulin Cooling Pump Wallet

    SKU: A12381x

    The FRIO Insulin Cooling Pump Wallet is specifically designed to keep both the insulin and the pump safe when in extreme temperatures. By relying on water to stay cold, a refrigerator or ice are not needed; simply submerge the FFRIO Insulin Cooling Pump Wallet into cold water for 5-15 minutes. Special crystals inside the panels of the wallet expand into a gel which remains cold for days, keeping contents at around 77-79°F (25°C).

    Used by climbers in the Himalayas and during expeditions in jungles, the FRIO Cooler is equipped with a belt-loop on the back so that it can be worn comfortably if needed, while a waterproof interior helps keep moisture away from the contents. This lightweight and compact cooler is reusable and suitable for use with virtually all pumps. Purchase your FFRIO Insulin Cooling Pump Wallet today from ActiveForever!

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  3. FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet Mini

    FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet Mini

    SKU: A12380x


    The FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet Mini is a medication cooling system that uses water to stay cold. Designed to carry one syringe in the case, as well as one 10ml vial or eye drop bottle (not included), the FRIO Mini is great for use while traveling.

    Learn More
  4. Glucose Sensors for Medtronic Insulin Pump

    Glucose Sensors for Medtronic Insulin Pump

    SKU: B24769x

    Starting at: $314.99

    Designed to provide you with the most comfortable and easiest way to monitor your glucose levels. Each sensor can be used up to 72 hours and provides a continuous glucose sensor reading every 5 minutes.For use with the MiniLink REAL-Time Transmitter and Guardian REAL-Time System.

    Learn More
  5. Keynote Control Solution
  6. Minimed Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump
  7. WaveSense Normal- High Control Solution
  8. Wavesense Presto Control Solution Normal
  9. FORA Sterile Lancets ACS002

    FORA Sterile Lancets ACS002

    SKU: A20340


    FORA Sterile Lancets ACS002 Learn More
  10. Feather Disposable Blood Lancet

    Feather Disposable Blood Lancet

    SKU: A20204


    Feather Disposable Blood Lancet Learn More
  11. EasyTouch Pen Needles

    EasyTouch Pen Needles

    SKU: A17857x

    Starting at: $20.99

    The Easy Touch Pen Needles are film coated for maximum comfort while being used for injections. These pen needles line up precisely for accurate readings and feature a multi-faceted bevel for easy injection. Made from surgical grade stainless steel and packaged 100 to a box. Buy the Easy Touch Pen Needles today from!

    Learn More
  12. Advantage Mesh Top Post Operative Shoe

    Advantage Mesh Top Post Operative Shoe

    SKU: A25923


    Advantage Mesh Top Post Operative Shoe Learn More
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