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Very lightweight! Take to the gym, your Pilates or physical therapy class; just throw them in your gym bag and go! The Knee Donuts, Wrist Wedges, and Neck Circle are feather light, waterproof, sweatproof, bleach­proof, versatile in many settings and endorsed by fitness and health professionals. Buy your DOD Fitness Kit from ActiveForever today!

The DOD Kit Includes:

Knee Donuts

  • Knees never touch the ground, unlike other knee products, pillows or mats where 
  • Suspend the knee, most importantly, the patella, avoiding direct pressure on the knee cap
  • Use in all training situations, physical therapy, after knee surgery, gardening, any time on knees
  • Ideal for gardening, housework, playing with kids, or any task that’s low to the ground
  • 6” across, 1 3/4” high, 2” “donut hole”
  • Includes one pair of Knee Donuts

Wrist Wedges

  • Reduce stress and pressure on wrists by shifting distribution of weight
  • Ergonomically designed and angle specific
  • Provides cushion, stability, support and comfort
  • Use anytime on wrists, fitness, yoga, pilates, physical therapy
  • 13.4 degree slope, 3 ⅞” wide, 6” long
  • Includes one pair of Wrist Wedges

Neck Circle

  • Places head in ideal “neutral” position, allowing neck to relax and stay out of extension
  • Provides cushioned base of support and requires no manipulation like towel or pillow
  • Use anytime on back, fitness, yoga, pilates, physical therapy, relaxation, spa, massage
  • 6” circumference,  1” high
  • Includes one Neck Circle

Returns: Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable. Please refer to ActiveForever’s return policy for more detailed information.

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  • DOD Fitness Kit
  • DOD Fitness Kit
  • DOD Fitness Kit
  • DOD Fitness Kit
  • DOD Fitness Kit

DOD Fitness Kit

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DOD Fitness Kit : Donuts, Wrist Wedges, and Neck Circle
The DOD Fitness Kit comes with everything you need for your neck, wrists and knees. Whether you are doing basic fitness, yoga, pilates, physical therapy, relaxation, or massage, this kit will support, stabilize and cushion the knees, reduce stress and press on wrists, and prevent and reduce neck pain while lying on the back.