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Doze Alert Sleep Warning Device

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Doze Alert

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The Doze Alert from ActiveForever is a sleep warning device that you wear over your ear. It is manufactured by the same company that produces the Deer Alarms for your vehicle. Doze Alert helps prevent automobile accidents caused by falling asleep behind the wheel. This device is lightweight, it's comfortable and you can wear it even while wearing glasses!

Fatigue is difficult to measure, but it is clear that the performance of a fatigued driver can be similar to that of a person who has drank enough to exceed the legal blood alcohol limit. With the Doze Alert your risk of falling asleep due to fatigue is lowered. The warning signal produced is 86 dB (2000 Hz.) Once your head dips below a preset threshold, the Doze Alert signals with a loud beep.

The Doze Alert is not only designed for drivers, its perfect for people who need to be on full alert while on duty such as security guards, machine operators, and even students. Fatigue is responsible for 100,000 crashes and 1,500 deaths a year. Chances are you are aware of the effects of sleep deprivation. You'll always appreciate the substance and reliability of buying from!

Doze Alert Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Makes a perfect gift
  • Activates with the tilt of the head
  • No assembly required
  • Can be worn with glasses
  • The shape is the result of a great number of ear contour impressions
  • 86 alarm decibels are transmitted by air and internally
  • The natural fitting ensures the transmission and amplification of the sound signal by conduction through the temporal bone
Doze Alert

Doze Alert Specifications:

  • Doze Alert Sleep Warning Device Brochure
  • Decibels: 86dB (2000 Hz)
  • Unit Dimensions: 2”L x 2”W x 1”H
  • Weight: 2 oz
  • Color: Black only
  • Battery: Button Cell Lithium (included) Sizes: AG5, RW28 or SR48
  • Settings: 18 adjustable to adapt to your head posture
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Latex Free: Yes
Doze Alert

How to Use the Doze Alert:

Doze Alert
  • Doze Alert comes in a box with a self adhesive backing for safe storage and easy accessibility
  • Just stick it on your dashboard
  • Always leave Doze Alert with the battery compartment half open so that the battery does not get activated when not in use
  • The battery compartment is on top of the unit
  • When using the unit, push the battery compartment down and test it by tilting the unit forward to ensure proper operation before wearing as shown
  • When storing the unit in its box, leave the compartment half open with the battery showing to avoid running the battery down
Doze Alert
Doze Alert
  • This lever in the back of the unit helps you select the exact angle at which you want the buzzer to be triggered
  • There are 18 pre-selected settings to choose from! Move it up or down with down being less sensitive to the inclination of your head
  • The higher the lever, the more sensitive to head movement this unit will be
  • Notice the closed battery compartment. That is the way to put the unit over your ear before driving away safely
  • Doze Alert fits snuggly behind your ear
  • This product is perfectly comfortable
  • It can be worn with or without glasses
  • Adjustable, 18 pre-selected settings
  • Comes with an easily replaceable lithium battery
  • You can replace battery with model number: AG5, RW28 or SR48
Doze Alert

Users Who Enjoy Doze Alert:

  • The visually impaired, It is used to correct their head posture
  • Students
  • Night shift workers
  • Truck drivers
  • Nurses
  • People who suffer form sleep apnea or narcolepsy
  • Ballroom dancers, to keep their heads straight
Doze Alert

Warning: Once Doze Alert has beeped and warned you that you are dozing off, PULL OVER, discontinue driving immediately and take a rest before going back on the road! Keep in mind: Doze Alert is not designed to keep you on the road longer!

Return policy: Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable.

Please refer to ActiveForever's return policy for more detailed information.

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