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Dressing Aids

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Dressing Aids offers a wide range of dressing aids to help promote an independent life style. These dressing aids empower individuals with limited mobility or diminished upper extremity movement to dress and retrieve nearby objects. These are products can are not only for those recovering from hip surgery, but for people who suffer from limited mobility, lower body injuries, arthritis or joint stiffness as well.

Shoe Horn and Dress Stick

The Dressing Stick and Shoe Horn is ideal for people whose reach, dexterity or ability to bend is limited. The soft silicone capped pull hook is made of smooth, durable plastic with rounded edges that will not poke holes and offers a secure non-slip grip for a wide variety of materials. The opposite end features the handy shoehorn designed with a smooth rounded push hook that will not scratch or cut

Metal Shoe Horns

Stainless Steel Long Handle Shoe Horn - This extra-long shoehorn is perfect for people with physical limitations, limited mobility or difficulty bending. The smooth polished steel surface prevents feet from sticking to the shoehorn, ensuring a smooth action each and every time. Built to last from heavy duty stainless steel, you"ll never need to buy another shoehorn. With a handy rubber coated handle, this shoehorn is easy to grasp and helps keep the shoehorn from slipping out of your hand. Truly a necessity for anyone suffering from physical ailments, buy your Stainless Steel Long Handle Shoe Horn today from!

Buy your dressing aid accessories today from!

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  1. ComfiHips® Hip Protectors

    ComfiHips® Hip Protectors

    SKU: A25774


    ComfiHips® Hip Protectors are a revolutionary, low profile hip fracture prevention product. It consists of patented state of the art pads which slip easily into strategically placed pockets of an ultra-soft undergarment.

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  2. ComfiHips® Undergarment

    ComfiHips® Undergarment

    SKU: A25775


    They are recommended for people with a high risk of falling, osteoporosis sufferers, or people who take medication that causes unsteadiness. Available in your choice 2 or 12 ultra-soft undergarments and has built-in pockets that hold the ComfiHips® pads strategically in place over the hip bone in every size.

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  3. Stainless Steel Long Handle Shoe Horn

    Stainless Steel Long Handle Shoe Horn

    SKU: A16015

    Starting at: $10.99

    The Stainless Steel Long Handle Shoe Horn makes it easy to slip on shoes without unnecessary bending or straining. With just a little effort, the lightweight shoehorn makes putting up shoes an easy and quick experience. Ideal for those who cannot reach their feet, or are recovering from hip or knee surgery, the long handled shoe horn makes slipping on shoes a painless and simple procedure.

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  4. OXO Good Grips Button Hook

    OXO Good Grips Button Hook

    SKU: A16020


    OXO The cushioned grip of the Good Grips Button Hook makes buttoning clothes easy. The built-up handle features flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip.

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  5. Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

    Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

    SKU: A15089


    Magnetic Jewelry Clasps are simple, handy jewelry attachments that allow individuals with limited dexterity to put their jewelry on easily and without any effort. Designed for those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel or any other hand condition, these helpful little magnetic clasps attach easily to the ends of chains, necklaces and bracelets.

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  6. Kinsman Dressing Stick

    Kinsman Dressing Stick

    SKU: A16011


    The Kinsman Dressing Stick is a sturdy independent living aid that enables users with limited mobility or diminished upper extremity movement to dress and retrieve nearby objects.

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  7. It Stays Roll-on Body Adhesive

    It Stays Roll-on Body Adhesive

    SKU: A19050x

    Starting at: $8.99

    It Stays Roll-On Body Adhesive Learn More
  8. Hip Kit

    Hip Kit

    SKU: A16085x

    Starting at: $36.99

    The Hip Replacement Kit from is a collection of the most requested and essential products from our catalog specifically designed to help patients and their loved ones recover from hip surgery and rehabilitation.

    Learn More
  9. Hair Dryer Stand

    Hair Dryer Stand

    SKU: A13080


    The Hair Dryer Stand is a time-saving and easy-to-use tool that holds and positions your blow dryer, freeing you up to focus on your hair. Durable and lightweight, this steel hair dryer holder is portable and compact enough to fit on smaller vanities and counter tops.

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  10. Elastic Shoelaces

    Elastic Shoelaces

    SKU: A16111x

    Starting at: $2.99

    If putting on your shoes tying the laces is becoming increasingly difficult then look no further. The Dress Elastic Shoelaces are a perfect solution for those with limited dexterity or those recovering from surgery.

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  11. Button Hook Zipper Puller

    Button Hook Zipper Puller

    SKU: A16041


    The Enablers Button Hook and Zipper Puller is a unique product specifically designed to assist in the daily activities of the elderly and those with arthritic or weakened grip due to conditions such as stroke, Parkinsons, ALS, or Neuropathy. Lightweight and compact, the Zipper Button Puller can easily fit in a purse, briefcase or pocket for use whenever needed. The Button Hook Zipper Puller features two different tips that fold out from the ergonomic handle when need for pulling either zippers or buttons.

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  12. Shoe Boot Valet

    Shoe Boot Valet

    SKU: A28601


    The Shoe Boot Valet is a unique assistive device for those with limited mobility, obesity, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, or who just had surgery to independently put their footwear on.

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