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Electronic Magnifiers

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Electronic Magnifier

New electronic technologies have inspired a wide range of products to help individuals who suffer from low vision. Low vision is defined by the National Eye Institute; as the level of vision is such that cannot be corrected with standard eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery. So low vision is not just poor vision, it is vision that cannot be easily corrected. This is why stocks a wide range of assistive low vision devices like, handheld electronic magnifiers.

The demand for new and innovating low vision products like electronic magnifier continues to grow because the number of people with vision loss is increasing quickly. This is mainly due to the fact that the senior population is growing. Many forms of low vision are age related such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or optic nerve disease. These optical related diseases are common among senior citizens. Age related macular degeneration accounts for almost 45 percent of all cases of low vision in the US.

Video Magnifiers

What is a video magnifier?

A video magnifier is a low vision aid and is one of the most popular and effective devices for making things easier to see. This electronic magnification device is used for reading tiny font as found on prescription labels, restaurant menus and store receipts. A video magnifier is enlarges images of text and objects on a monitor or screen. An image of the material to be magnified is captured by a digital video camera, sometimes called a CCD (charge-coupled device) camera. The digital video camera is connected to a monitor or screen on which magnified images are displayed. These video magnifiers come in two varieties on is handheld and portable. The other type of magnifier is a "table" like device and items are placed under the camera and viewed on a screen.

Best Selling Video Magnifiers on

inSite Portable Video Magnifier is a convenient and portable digital magnification tool to help those with low vision read small text, maps, medication labels, and more. Designed to help people who suffer from macular degeneration or other vision an extremely lightweight digital magnifier (4.5oz), the inSite boasts a top of the line super bright 3.5" TFT LCD screen. The inSite also incorporates a unique freeze-frame feature that allows the user to temporarily save the image on the screen for easier viewing. A truly innovative and affordable device, buy your inSite Portable Video Magnifier from today!

The Enhanced Vision Pebble Portable Video Magnifier is a lightweight, affordable video magnifier that is an ideal magnification tool for those that may be suffering from poor vision, macular degeneration, glaucoma and other visual impairments. The high resolution LCD display with adjustable brightness is perfect for home or travel use and its compact size can fit in your purse or pocket. Buy your Enhanced Vision Pebble Portable Video Magnifier from!

Lightweight and designed for travel, the Traveller+ Portable Flat Screen Video Magnifier helps those with macular degeneration and impaired vision by magnifying images up to 16 times on its high quality video screen. Whether you are reading magazines, writing checks, taking notes, or reading maps, this compact low vision device will suit your individual vision needs at home or on the go. An automatic shut-off feature helps conserve battery power, and the integrated rechargeable battery offers up to 2 hours of continuous, crystal clear viewing. For extra magnification, the Traveller+ Portable Flat Screen Video Magnifier can be plugged into the video input of any standard television using the provided cable.

Desktop Video Magnifers

The MonoMouse USB Video Magnifier is great for reading schoolwork, office work, magazines, books, documents, bills, and much more! Simply install the software driver from the included CD on your computer. Whenever you plug the MonoMouse-USB into your USB 2.0 port, simply click the appropriate icon on your desktop.

The Bierley MPD-12-Mono Desktop Video Magnifier is an innovative low vision magnification device designed to provide a compact and convenient multi-use magnifier, photo display and digital clock, all in one unit. The integrated 12" digital LCD screen can be set to continually display a large-print digital clock, or change modes and the MPD-12 crisply and clearly displays anything you point the unique handheld camera system. Change modes again, and with the included 1GB Bierley USB flash drive, you can display up to 1000 of your favorite and most treasured images all on a continuous loop.

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  1. Amigo Portable Video Magnifier

    Amigo Portable Video Magnifier

    SKU: A24817x


    Amigo Portable Video Magnifier Learn More
  2. Mattingly Snow Video Magnifier

    Mattingly Snow Video Magnifier

    SKU: A23947x

    Starting at: $512.05

    When it comes to supplying low vision aids to the Optically challenged, look no further than ActiveForever. We offer a large selection of low vision aids.

    Learn More
  3. Max Magnifier Writing Stand

    Max Magnifier Writing Stand

    SKU: A18188


    Max Magnifier Writing Stand Learn More
  4. Max Panel Digital Magnifier

    Max Panel Digital Magnifier

    SKU: A18622x


    Max Panel Digital Magnifier Learn More
  5. MaxTrak for Max Magnifiers

    MaxTrak for Max Magnifiers

    SKU: A18187


    MaxTrak for Max Magnifiers Learn More
  6. Merlin LCD Video Magnifier
  7. Merlin Plus LCD Video Magnifier
  8. MonoMouse - RM Electronic Magnifier

    MonoMouse - RM Electronic Magnifier

    SKU: A18634x

    Starting at: $249.99

    MonoMouse - RM Electronic Magnifier Learn More
  9. MonoMouse Electronic Magnifier by Bierley

    MonoMouse Electronic Magnifier by Bierley

    SKU: A18633x

    Starting at: $184.75

    MonoMouse Electronic Magnifier by Bierley Learn More
  10. MonoMouse USB Video Magnifier by Bierley

    MonoMouse USB Video Magnifier by Bierley

    SKU: A18635


    MonoMouse USB Video Magnifier by Bierley Learn More
  11. Quicklook 2 Portable Video Magnifier

    Quicklook 2 Portable Video Magnifier

    SKU: A17791


    The Quicklook 2 Portable Video Magnifier is an easy to use, lightweight and portable device that provides up to 24x the magnification. Ergonomically designed, the Outlook 2 features a manual and electronic focus as well as different color modes; users can choose between negative, positive, full color and up to 56 color combinations that make viewing small text and pictures easier. This magnifier is equipped with two built-in cameras that allows makes it easy to use as a handheld, flip-out or a center-mounted camera magnifier, making it ideal for use while reading and writing. Buy the Quicklook 2 Portable Video Magnifier today from ActiveForever!

    Learn More
  12. QuickLook Basic Portable Video Magnifier

    QuickLook Basic Portable Video Magnifier

    SKU: A18200


    QuickLook Basic Portable Video Magnifier Learn More
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