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Fall Prevention

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Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention for the elderly can help save lives. Death in adults over the age of 60 is often linked to a fall, due to infection and dysfunction of major organs resulting from trauma and immobility after a fall. Falls in older adults usually result in fractures of the hip, pelvis, spine and limbs, as well as skin tears, bruises and/or traumatic head injuries. A fall will often leave the person with a fear of another fall, therefore, limiting activity and interfering with daily independence and mobility. For seniors, preventing falls is essential to maintain a lifestyle they enjoy.

The surgeries to repair fractures and subsequent rehabilitation in a long term care facility is extremely hard on the older adult and often they end up with lung dysfunction, pneumonia or infection. According to national statistics men are more inclined to die from a fall than women, a surprising factor, however, the number of falls is higher for women than men.

Taking the necessary steps to prevent falls is essential, especially for the older adult living alone. Several simple and inexpensive adjustments to the living environment can be made to help prevent falls and relieve the fear of falling.

How to Prevent Falls

Making a room by room checklist of items needed for safety will make planning and shopping easier. Installation is most often will require little effort and no special tools.

Bedroom Aid for Fall Prevention:

  • Bedrails to prevent falling from the bed as well as assist to sit up, come in many styles, such as simple to install bedrails that slide between the mattress and box spring and secure with strapping, or bed rails that are secured to the frame. Many Assisted and Independent Living facilities will not allow bedrails that are permanently positioned as they are viewed as a restraint device. There are bedrails available that can be turned away from the bed or released to lie flat against the side of the bed when not in use, such as the Smart Rail, Arcorail and the Standers Easy Adjust Bed Rail - these are allowed by most facilities.

Bathroom Safety Aids for Fall Prevention:

  • Grab Bars are essential to prevent falls. Grab bars are available in various lengths and styles, including newer styles that blend well with the most upscale bathroom design. Grab bars that are permanently attached to wall studs are the most secure and will hold the most pull weight. Suction grab bars can be used on smooth, clean surfaces and should be used only for support and balance.
  • Shower Chairs are available with and without backs and/or arms and are adjustable in height to accommodate the person who may require a higher surface when sitting. Most shower chairs are equipped with suction feet to prevent the chair from slipping and should be placed on a flat surface.
  • Raised Toilet Seats are primarily used for the person who needs a higher surface when sitting, especially after hip or knee surgery. Available with and without arms and in a variety of styles including hinged, cushioned, round or elongated and with or without an open front and splash guard.
  • Transfer Benches provide easy access to the tub by allowing the person to sit down and then slide across the tub. For added safety used a transfer bench with a non-slip bath mat on the bottom of the tub.
  • Bath Lifts are techanical devices that allow a person to be lowered into the water for a tub bath or water therapy.
  • Walk in Tubs are specially designed bath tubs with a watertight door to allow a person to walk in and enjoy a bath.

There are many other assistive devices for fall prevention such as lift chairs, walkers, canes and even ice cleats. The objective is to provide the tools to make a person as safe as possible, using the tools to prevent that possible fatal fall. For more information on preventing falls, click the articles below.

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  1. Aqua Creek PVC Shower Commode Wheelchair

    Aqua Creek PVC Shower Commode Wheelchair

    SKU: A22172x


    The Aqua Creek PVC Shower Commode Wheelchair is a sturdy and economically priced mobility aid that provides safe and dignified shower access in aquatic facilities or private homes.

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  2. Blue Color Coded Gait Belt

    Blue Color Coded Gait Belt

    SKU: A15106

    Starting at: $9.99

    Gait Belts are made of heavy duty cotton webbing with metal safety buckle closure. They allow the attendant, caregiver, or therapist to maintain a more secure grasp of the patient.

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  3. Body UP Evolution Safe Patient Lift & Transfer Device

    Body UP Evolution Safe Patient Lift & Transfer Device

    SKU: A23922

    Regular Price: $2,795.00

    Special Price $1,899.00



    The Body UP ® Evolution is a revolutionary new product in the safe patient lift and transport and accessibility fields. By incorporating patient lift and sling technology, along with transportability and commode functions, the Body UP ® Evolution lift is truly an all-in-one tool in patient and mobility healthcare.

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  4. Car Swivel Seat Cushion

    Car Swivel Seat Cushion

    SKU: A14004x


    The Car Swivel Seat Cushion is a rotating portable cushion that helps preserve the health of your back by helping you avoid unhealthy twisting movements.

    Learn More
  5. Cardinal Health Single Tread Patient Safety Footwear

    Cardinal Health Single Tread Patient Safety Footwear

    SKU: A25846x


    The Cardinal Health Single Tread Patient Safety Footwear have non-slip texturing on the bottom to prevent slipping and falling as you are walking on slick flooring.

    Learn More
  6. Carex Bathroom Safety Bathtub Grab Bar

    Carex Bathroom Safety Bathtub Grab Bar

    SKU: A25273


    The Carex Bathroom Safety Bathtub Grab Bar is a functional grab bar that provides users with extra safety getting in and out of bath tubs.

    Learn More
  7. Carex Bathtub Safety Rail

    Carex Bathtub Safety Rail

    SKU: A25274


    Carex Bathtub Safety Rail Learn More
  8. Carex Compact Shower Stool

    Carex Compact Shower Stool

    SKU: A17281


    The Carex Compact Shower Stool is a rust-proof, safe and stable mobility aid that is great for use in narrow tubs and showers. This high adjustable, wide seat shower chair fits into RVs, boats or trailer homes and provides a stable base for anyone needing to sit down during a shower. With slip-resistant tipped legs and tool-free assembly, this Carex Shower Stool is a great addition to any household.

    Learn More
  9. Carex Elongated Raised Toilet Seat with Handles

    Carex Elongated Raised Toilet Seat with Handles

    SKU: A20479


    The Carex Elongated Raised Toilet Seat with Handles is a deluxe toilet support for elongated toilets.

    Learn More
  10. Carex Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

    Carex Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

    SKU: A25635x


    This elevator adds 3 1/2" to the height of any elongated or standard toilet and can be used with or without your existing toilet seat. It is ideal for those who have mobility difficulties and lifts easily for cleaning.

    Learn More
  11. Carex Quad Base Cane

    Carex Quad Base Cane

    SKU: A21795


    Carex Quad Base Cane Learn More
  12. Carex Quick-Lock Raised Toilet

    Carex Quick-Lock Raised Toilet

    SKU: A25634


    Carex Quick-Lock Raised Toilet Learn More
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