Gait Transfer Belts

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Gait Transfer Belts

Gait belts are important mobility aids used during physical therapy, in hospitals, nursing homes and in home health care to assist the health care provider when positioning or walking a patient. The gait belt helps caregivers support patients and move them more safely than simply holding their hand or having patients rely on another inanimate form of assistance. Gait belts are often called transfer belts because they aid in transferring the patient from place to place.

Gait belts are patient transfer aids used to help caregivers transition or move people with mobility limitations from one place to another. One thing a caregiver can count on is the necessity to move an immobile patient. Gait belts allow for a safe transfer of a patient over short distances. Raising and lowering a patient from a chair to a wheelchair or simply walking down a hall becomes much easier with a gait belt.

A gait transfer belt is also an important safety device for the caregiver because the belt allows for more control and the belt usually has convenient positioning handles used to turn and guide a patient. The belt puts much less weight carrying stress on the caregivers. Did you know that a majority of workmen"s compensation claims in hospitals and care facilities are from workers who twist and turn the wrong way while trying to move a patient?

Patient Transfer Belts

Top Seller Unlike other gait belts, the Posey Quick Release Transfer Gait Belt features a quick release snap buckle. Most gait or transfer belts close with a buckle that requires the caregiver to fasten and tighten by hand. The Posey Transfer Gait Belt locks with a simple click, similar to fastening a car seat belt, saving caregivers a great deal of time compared to other gait belts. In addition to being machine washable, the Posey Quick Release Transfer Gait Belt includes a four inch high back support and can fit waist sizes between 28 and 55 inches. Prevent back injuries and save time when you buy the Posey Quick Release Transfer Gait Belt from ActiveForever today!

Made from a sturdy, woven cotton fabric, the Safety Sure gait transfer belt features an anti-slide surface that secures the belt in place. The handgrips along the belt allow caregivers to use proper leverage during transfers and ambulation. If you want a mobility aid that will reduce caregiver strain and allow patients to experience a new level of independence and freedom, buy the SafetySure Transfer Belt from today!