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Gardening Tools

Active Forever strives to provide you with the tools and accessories you need to keep your garden spruced up and looking green all year long!

Garden Hose With Reel

Having an automatically retractable garden hose can save a lot of frustration when you are done using it. You don’t have to carry a heavy hose around. You don’t have to loop it up around your shoulder; like some kind of urban cowboy. You just push a button and voilà the hose is self-winding. Actually putting the hose away is almost as fun as using it. You can water the garden, wash the car or dog. The Hydrohose has a 1,001 uses it is tough and durable.

Retractable Garden Hose

The retractable garden hose eliminates hand cranking and carrying your heavy, dirty rubber hoses. With the Hydro Hose Auto Rewind Hose Reel and included flat garden hose, you can now roll up your hose with ease! From watering the lawn to washing the car, the included seventy five foot HydroHose flat hose is up to the task. Use as much or as little hose as you like- the clever design of the hose retains the remainder of the hose organized and tangle-free. When your job is done, the automatic garden hose reel automatically rewinds the hose for neat stowing within the retractable hose reel"s useful, compact housing.

This flat design and compact reel allow you to store the Super Hydrohose with a minimum of space. The hose"s rugged nylon outer casing prevents punctures and stays flexible in temperatures down to -30° F, making this durable tool ideal for trips on boats or in recreational vehicles.