Hand Sanitizers

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Hand Sanitizers

Almost all consumers these days have purchased a hand sanitizer at one point or another. Several years ago they busted into the public market place toting claims of killing bacteria and thus keeping you healthy. The manufacturers packaged them in everything to gallon size industrial pump containers down to one ounce squeeze tubes and even towelettes. It nearly impossible to walk through a store and not see a display of hand sanitizers by the traditional hand soap, on isle end caps, in the travel section and by the cash register; they are popping up everywhere. The price ranges as much as the bottling choices; it is important to purchase a trusted name brand such as 3M Avagard D ™ or Coloplast Isagel ® however, as many of the lower cost brands on the market have an alcohol concentration of less than 60% which is the level needed for the sanitizer to be effective. The better known brand use higher concentrations and therefore kill more germs.

In addition to the varying levels of alcohol concentration, most popular brands will make their product available in a gel, a spray and a wipe. All work equally well and have their own applications. The gel is great for quick applications and easily spreads; this is helpful on the go or for doctors in between exam rooms. The foam, such as Quest 694 Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer, works well for individuals that do not want a gel type product to run off their hands or need extra time to rub the sanitizer in. Veridien Viraguard Antimicrobial Hand Wipes are excellent for wiping another person or a surface. The wipes also store will if you are concerned about a bottle leaking.

Use of Hand Sanitizers

Using hand sanitizers between regular hand washing with soap and water, which the Center for Disease Control still advises as the best way to prevent the spread of germs, will help keep your hands clean. This is as important for a child in school as it is for the working professional. Germs lurk on every surface from the playground to the computer keyboard, even on your car door handle. With so many form factors available, the most effective sanitizer is the one you remember to use. Keep one at home, so when you come in you can quickly sanitize your hands. Keep another one at your workspace or in your vehicle and one on your person. Numerous products make a travel size to keep in your purse or in your pocket, but one of the most convenient and economical is the GOJO Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer.

As convenient as hand sanitizers can be, it is important to remember that they are only effective on hands that are not visibly dirty already. If you can see any dirt whatsoever, the Center for Disease Control advises that you wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds while rubbing your hands together vigorously. Be sure to dry your hands on a clean towel.