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Hot and Cold Therapy

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Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot or Cold? The age-old, oh my gosh, I just pulled a muscle and what should I do now question? I try to remember "current/ cold" and "history/ heat" referring to when the accident happened. Cold therapy is normally recommended by doctors to help reduce swelling and relieve pain directly following an injury and you apply heat therapy after the swelling has subsided helps speed the healing process.

How Hot and Cold Therapy Works

Once the swelling has stopped increasing (usually at the 48 hour mark, but may vary depending on the severity of the injury), a combination of hot and cold therapies can then be applied to help reduce the swelling that has occurred. The hot and cold therapies work together as a type of physiological pump to assist in moving the blood out of the area.

The cold therapies reduce circulation to an area (vasoconstriction) while the hot therapies increase circulation to an area (vasodilation). The alternating cold and hot therapies act together to pump the extra fluid out of the injured area.

The important part is in the grouping of the cold and hot therapies. Hot and cold therapies are safe for injuries of the extremities (foot, ankle, wrist, hand) however they are not designed for full body involvement. The stead fast therapy rule is to always begin and end the treatment session with a cold therapy. In between each cold therapy is a hot therapy. A typical treatment would include three ice/cold therapies and two hot/heat therapies. The time for each treatment is three to five minutes with a total treatment time of fifteen to twenty-five minutes.

Top Selling Hot and Cold Therapy Products

Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack, you can enjoy intense moist heat without adding any water. The Thermophore Automatic Moist Heating Pad features an easy-to-use hand held switch: simply press and hold to activate the therapeutic heat, and release to deactivate. The Thermophore Pad produces moist heat automatically by drawing moisture from humidity in the air and retaining it in the outer fleece cover. The Heat Pack produces moisture for 20-30 minutes. (Heat Therapy)

Ideal for hot flashes, post workout cool down, or cool off on a hot summer day by placing the Carex Pillow Cool insert directly on (or under) the body, head, or feet. There are numerous uses for the Pillow Cool including relief from headaches, migraines, fevers, sun burns, back pain, and more! This pillow cooler won"t bunch up while you are sleeping thanks to special non-slip backing. The Carex Pillow Cool insert is easy-to-use, reusable, durable, and simple to clean. (Cold Therapy)

ThermalSoft Durapak Hot and Cold Packs For heat therapy, place the Durapak into the microwave or into hot water; for cold therapy, place the pack into the freezer and when ready, wrap a towel around the pack before placing on the skin. This hot and cold pack does not contain any liquids or dyes and is biodegradable and non-caustic. Ideal for use at home or in a medical office, the ThermalSoft Durapak provides therapeutic benefits for all types of injuries or muscle pains.

Hot and Cold Treatment Summary

So in summary, after a pulled muscle, joint sprain, or traumatic tendonitis, when swelling is noted, a good rule of thumb is to use cold therapy for the first 48-72 hours (acute period), or until after swelling and pain have peaked. Thereafter, heat therapy may be more advisable, as one enters the sub-acute phase (3-7 days), or for prolonged symptoms lasting beyond a week.

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    CorPak Soft Comfort Hot & Cold Gel Packs

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    The CorPak Soft Comfort Hot & Cold Gel Packs are simple yet effective compresses designed to help treat strains, sprains, tendinitis and other injuries. Equipped with a soft "frost-free" fabric cover, the Comfort pack comes available in several different sizes to fit various parts of the body.

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  8. Elasto Gel Hot / Cold Pack

    Elasto Gel Hot / Cold Pack

    SKU: A12082x

    Starting at: $22.99

    The ElastoGel all purpose pack is used to offer hot or cold therapy to any area where a flat, sheet form will suffice. The tough, flexible gel will not leak if punctured and the 4-way stretch material will help assure product durability and effective therapy management.

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  9. Elasto-Gel All-Purpose Therapy Wrap

    Elasto-Gel All-Purpose Therapy Wrap

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    The Elasto-Gel All-Purpose Therapy Wrap is a multi-purpose hot and cold pack that wraps around body parts, relieving muscle pain and speeding recovery.

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    Elasto-Gel Wrist Wrap

    SKU: A12507


    Wrist pain can cause extreme discomfort and affect your entire body. With this in mind, we've found the Elasto Gel Wrist Wrap to provide outstanding wrist support and is very durable. No more leaky cold packs!

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    Headache Ice Pillow

    SKU: A13710


    The Headache Ice Pillo is a cozy neck pillow designed to fit comfortably around the neck to help treat headaches naturally. Durable and easy-to-use, the Headache Ice Pillo features a soft polyester pillow with cotton/poly cover and a removable, anatomically designed soft-frozen gel pack. When not being used the gel pack can be easily stored in the freezer.

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  12. Polar Tech Ice Brix

    Polar Tech Ice Brix

    SKU: B11795x

    Starting at: $13.99

    Polar Tech Ice Brix is a specially formulated leak-proof, viscous gel refrigerant which is made of non-toxic, non-caustic materials and hermetically sealed in a heavy-duty plastic pouch. Learn More
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