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Kitchen Aids

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Kitchen Aids offers a wide range of kitchen aids to help promote an independent life style. These kitchen aids empower seniors with limited mobility and are prone to slips or diminished strength to open and grip objects. These kitchen products are not only for seniors but for anyone that has loss strength recovering from surgery, arthritis or joint stiffness as well. Safety is important and when your body is not operating at 100% even the easiest task become difficult. Here are a few of Activeforever"s best selling kitchen aids.

Kitchen Aids for Seniors

Pedal Works Hands-Free Faucet Controller No matter what"s on, or in your hands you can just step on the pedal to turn on the water. When your hands are messy, for example after handling raw chicken, you can turn on the water while not having to touch the faucet. All the mess goes down the drain instead of on to the faucet. When you come to the sink with a cooking pan, or anything else in your hands, you don"t have to first put the item down, just to turn on the water. When you need constant flow, like when filling up the sink, or running the garbage disposer, just touch the latch. You can even switch to hand control.

The Zim Under cabinet Jar Opener lets you to open and close stubborn screw-on, pry-up, friction, vacuum or crown-top jars or bottles with a easy twist. Easily one of the most "must have" kitchen aids available for those with arthritis or weak grips, this deluxe helper will quickly become you"re new favorite kitchen appliance. The Zim Under cabinet Jar Opener is tough and made from very durable nickel plated steel, with case-hardened teeth to ensure this kitchen aid will last for years with virtually no care needed. Buy yours today from!

Cooking Aids For Seniors

GelPro Chef Mat Intricately designed patterns, a wide variety of fashionable color choices and a stain resistance surface ensure your GelPro Mat will look as good as it feels for years to come. Treated with a mold and mildew protectant and constructed with a high-traction bottom to prevent slips, these mats are engineered for maximum comfort and safety. Luxurious and durable, the GelPro Chef Mat is the perfect addition to any room. Buy this cooking aid today from!

OXO Good Grips Weighted Utensils Customizable to any angle to help individuals with advanced arthritis, the wide rubber-like grip provides a sturdy place to hold, and the added 6 oz. (70g) weight in the handle provides added control and dexterity. The Good Grips Weighted Utensils are ideal for persons with limited hand control, Parkinson"s disease or spasticity. Buy yours today from

Kitchen Aids - Stay independent in the kitchen with our carefully tested selection of Kitchen Aids. Whether you are cooking eating, cleaning, or grocery shopping, these daily living aids help make life easier.

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  1. Kinsman Classic Weighted Utensils

    Kinsman Classic Weighted Utensils

    SKU: A25990


    The Kinsman Classic Weighted Utensils are specially designed weighted silverware for those who suffer from Parkinson's Disease, spasticity, ataxia, or other neurological conditions that may cause hand tremors.

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  2. Sqweezel Flex- Ipad/Tablet Holder Clamp, Wall mount or Flat mount

    Sqweezel Flex- Ipad/Tablet Holder Clamp, Wall mount or Flat mount

    SKU: A28905

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price $49.99

    The Sqweezel Flex is a universal tablet and e-reader holder that allows you to easily mount your tablet devices just about anywhere. Available in two different models, this holder is ideal for bedside, kitchen, classrooms, home, office, repair shops, etc. The soft-touch straps and ergonomic contours improves grippability and security when carrying your tablet computer. The flexible arm can be adjusted to your needs and the rotating connector allows for portrait or landscape viewing.

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  3. Universal Quad Cuff NC35350

    Universal Quad Cuff NC35350

    SKU: A15038


    The Universal Quad Cuff is a simple yet ingenious device designed to give those with little to no finger control the ability to hold and manipulate objects easily and naturally. Centered over the palm, this adjustable device holds tools and utensils securely, allowing the user to use their arm to control the object without requiring any use of the hands.

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  4. Weighted Kit for Tremors

    Parkinsons Weighted Kit for Tremors

    SKU: A21004


    The Weighted Kit for Tremors is a set of innovative and weighted adaptive utensils that help users with tremors to conduct activities of daily living more easily.

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  5. Swedish Cutting Board

    Swedish Cutting Board

    SKU: A17056


    A multi-functional tool designed for one-handed use, the Swedish Cutting Board takes much of the stress out of food preparation and cutting. Can be used to slice and grate food or hold mixing and salad bowls while stirring. Also features a vise to hold larger items including jars and mixing bowls. Includes a stainless-steel spike insert that holds vegetables for slicing.

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  6. Self Opening Long Loop Scissors

    Self Opening Long Loop Scissors

    SKU: A15023


    The self-opening handles of the Loop Scissors are easy to grip. With a simple squeeze one can easily cut through paper and lightweight plastic. These scissors may be used in either the right or left hand. The included plastic blade guard may be used as a stand for one-handed cutting.

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  7. Keatlery Weighted Utensils

    Keatlery Weighted Utensils

    SKU: A17071


    The Keatlery Weighted Eating Utensils are deluxe 8 oz stainless steel cutlery designed to provide Parkinson's Disease suffers with an attractive and comfortable way to help counter hand tremors while eating.

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  8. Rocking T Knife

    Rocking T Knife

    SKU: A17012x


    This stable, easy-to-use utensil cuts food with a rocking motion. The wooden handle is designed to be comfortable to hold. The stainless steel blade may be sharpened with a knife sharpener. The Rocking T Knife vinyl carrying case makes going out to eat simple and convenient.

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  9. OXO Good Grips Souper Spoon

    OXO Good Grips Souper Spoon

    SKU: A17051


    Buy an eating utensil with a better grip!

    The Good Grips Souper Spoon's raised lip helps keep liquids and food on the spoon. The innovative lip of the Super Spoon is specially designed to prevent spills while moving the spoon from the plate to the mouth. Liquids and food stay on the spoon where they should be. The one-piece stainless steel lip is easy to clean and fits smoothly in the mouth.

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  10. Kinsman Classic Bendable Utensils

    Kinsman Classic Bendable Utensils

    SKU: A25991


    The Kinsman Classic Bendable Utensils feature a soft, non-slip built up handle that is easy to grip and hold. These adaptive eating utensils restore control and dignity to the user and are deal for those who have suffered the effects of a stroke, arthritis, weak grasps, or a neurological disorder. Caregivers, medical clinics, and nursing homes will also find these utensils useful.

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  11. Onion Goggles

    Onion Goggles

    SKU: A18606x


    Onion Goggles by are a practical and clever way to prevent tearing, stinging, irritated eyes when chopping, mincing, dicing or slicing onions and their pungent relatives - leeks, scallions and chives.

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  12. iTouchless Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders - 2 Pack

    iTouchless Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders - 2 Pack

    SKU: A21766


    iTouchless Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders - 2 Pack Learn More
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