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Kitchen Mats

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Kitchen Mats

If you"ve ever spent the day cooking for a dinner party or maybe spend the day baking with the family, you know how exhausting it can be to stand on your feet for hours in the kitchen. Most kitchen floors are pretty hard on your feet, and all of that standing, bending and rotating takes a serious toll on your back. That"s why at Activeforever we stock a large variety of anti-fatigue kitchen and floor mats.

Ah, an anti-fatigue kitchen mat, once you buy one you will wonder how you lived without them. A Kitchen mat makes a great accessory to any busy kitchen. A real anti-fatigue mat delivers more support and comfort that the normal thin cheap mat. A high quality mat will wrap around your foot for even weight and pressure distribution while providing a stable surface to stand on. The cheaper mats are too soft, and do more harm than good.

Commercial grade Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

These commercial grade mats offer maximum relief of cumulative trauma caused by prolonged standing. Here are just some of the industries that can benefit from having anti-fatigue floor mats.
  • Warehouses
  • Car Dealerships
  • Exercise Rooms
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hazardous Waste Areas
  • Hospitals
  • Machine Press Areas
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Restaurants
  • Restrooms
  • Retail Chains
  • Sterile Processing
  • Supply Departments
  • Veterinary Services

Benefits of Anti-fatigue mats Promotes employee wellness. Increase in productivity and employee morale due to work place comfort. Increased reduction of exposure to prolonged cold, heat and vibration. Helps the back by reducing spinal compression. Increases circulation. Ergonomically designed guaranteed reduction of back, leg, foot and ankle fatigue.

Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

If you spend a lot of time on your feet a high quality anti-fatigue floor mat will really make a huge difference in your overall health and comfort level. If you are a hair stylist and spend all day standing on the hard floor just place one of these mats at your station and after just a few hours of standing on anti-figure mat you will be wondering what took you so long to find a much more enjoyable standing option. Best Selling Mats

Wellness Mat Anti Fatigue Floor Mat Made out of a one piece construction, the mat features a soft inner design structure that helps prevent potential back, leg and foot problems. Great for use in all rooms of the house or in an office, this mat is medically proven and backed by healthcare professionals.

GelPro Chef Mat Intricately designed patterns, a wide variety of fashionable color choices and a stain resistance surface ensure your GelPro Mat will look as good as it feels for years to come. Treated with a mold and mildew protectant and constructed with a high-traction bottom to prevent slips, these mats are engineered for maximum comfort and safety. Luxurious and durable, the GelPro Chef Mat is the perfect addition to any room. Buy yours today from!

Active Forever has an extensive line of anti skid kitchen mats available to help in the kitchen. In a variety of styles, colors and patterns, surely there is a mat that can help you regain your independence in the kitchen!

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  1. Gel Pro Chef's Mat - Ostrich Design

    Gel Pro Chef's Mat - Ostrich Design

    SKU: A17278

    Starting at: $124.99

    The Gel Pro Chef's Mat - Ostrich Design from ActiveForever is a comfortable, anti-fatigue floor mat designed to help alleviate lower back and foot pain caused by arthritis, plantar fasciitis and diabetes.

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  2. GelPro Chef's Mat - Basketweave

    GelPro Chef's Mat - Basketweave

    SKU: A16158x

    Starting at: $166.99

    The GelPro Chef's Mat is a remarkably resilient and stylish anti fatigue floor mat designed to provide a comfortable ergonomic support for the feet legs and back.

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  3. IMPRINT Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat Nantucket Series

    IMPRINT Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat Nantucket Series

    SKU: A20145x

    Starting at: $59.99

    The Imprint™ Nantucket Series Anti Fatigue Floor Mat is designed to reduce overall fatigue and pain associated with standing on hard surfaces.

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  4. Tenura Silicone Extreme Grip Mat

    Tenura Silicone Extreme Grip Mat

    SKU: A23682x

    Starting at: $19.99

  5. Tenura Silicone Non-Slip Roll

    Tenura Silicone Non-Slip Roll

    SKU: A23683x

    Starting at: $17.99

    You are driving in your car making a turn only to watch your smart phone slide across the dash board and crashing to the floor.

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  6. Tenura Silicone Non-Slip Table Mat

    Tenura Silicone Non-Slip Table Mat

    SKU: A23680 01

    Starting at: $25.99

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