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Lift Chairs

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Lift Chairs

For the an individual needing mobility assistance, something as trivial as getting up out of a reclined position may put unmanageable stress on their hips and knees. Products like lift chairs, lift cushions and furniture risers make it easier to seat yourself and get back up easier without overly straining your joints

Active Forever provides an extensive line of lift chairs from the best manufacturers around.

Golden Technologies is an amazing producer of a variety of mobility aid products. Featuring Power Chair, Hospital Beds, and Lift Chairs, this company has something to offer any person requiring any level of assistance with their mobility!

Pride has an incredible line of mobility aid products featuring functionality and style. With a variety of lift chairs, Mobility Scooters and Scooter Lifts, Pride certainly has a mobility aid for anyone needing a little help!

Lift Cushions

Another option for those needing a helping hand to get up out of their chair is a lift cushion. Lift cushions fit most average chairs and perform the same function as a lift chair without the bulkiness of an entire chair. Simply use a lift cushion on your favorite seat and see how easy it is to use! Check out these awesome products from UpEasy!

Furniture Risers

Furniture risers are another option for those seeking assistance with getting in and out of their favorite chair. By increasing the height of your sofa, couch or chair by only a few inches, furniture risers can make it incredibly easier for you to live more comfortably!

Check out our How to Choose the Best Lift Chair article!

For our other mobility aid products, please see our Mobility Aids category! Thanks for shopping Active Forever!

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  1. Uplift Seat Assist

    Uplift Seat Assist

    SKU: A14037x


    The Uplift Seat Assist is a self-powered lifting cushion that assists you gently up and down from any armchair or sofa. This gentle action relieves stress and strain on painful joints, and eliminates the need to "rock" out of your seat. Even those of you who currently need "a pull" to get up can rest assured you won't any longer: Uplift is strong enough to lift 80% of your weight. The lifting action is provided by a hydro-pneumatic piston that activates slowly as you begin to stand. There are no switches or levers, and no batteries are required. The Uplift is great for stroke survivors and those with limited strength or dexterity.

    Learn More
  2. Harmar Mobility Power Chair Profile Lift

    Harmar Mobility Power Chair Profile Lift

    SKU: A20635


    Harmar Mobility Power Chair Profile Lift Learn More
  3. Golden Technologies Value Series Monarch Medium Lift Chair

    Golden Technologies Value Series Monarch Medium Lift Chair

    SKU: A21937x


    Golden Technologies Value Series Monarch Medium Lift Chair Learn More
  4. Golden Technologies Value Series Capri Lift Chair

    Golden Technologies Value Series Capri Lift Chair

    SKU: A21936x


    The Golden Technologies Value Series Capri Lift Chair provides users with a unique sense of comfort and style.

    Learn More
  5. Pride LC525S Infinite-Position Trendelenburg Lift Chair

    Pride LC525S Infinite-Position Trendelenburg Lift Chair

    SKU: A26819


    The Pride LC-525S Infinite-Position "Zero Gravity" Chaise Lounger is a comfortable chair that offers optimal comfort positions that promote health, wellness, and relaxation.

    Learn More
  6. Cover Only

    Uplift Premium Power Seat Cover

    SKU: A25639x


    This seat cover features high quality zippers, a waterproof design and comfort mesh for improved airflow.  Designed for the Premium Power Lifting Seat, it is washable and tailored to fit.


    Learn More
  7. Uplift Premium Power Seat

    Uplift Premium Power Seat

    SKU: A22636x


    The Uplift Premium Power Seat from Uplift Technologies is a patented mobility aid and positioning assistant designed for individuals with physical limitations and standing issues.

    Learn More
  8. UPEASY POWER Lift Cushion

    UPEASY POWER Lift Cushion

    SKU: A14081


    The UpEasy Power Lifting Cushion easily transforms any existing recliner or sofa into a lift chair so that getting up is simple and hassle free.

    Learn More
  9. UPEASY Lifting Cushion

    UPEASY Lifting Cushion

    SKU: A14082 02 HVY


    The only difference between this seat cushion and the Uplift brand is that the Uplift is made with memory foam. They both work great, and can both be adjusted specifically to your comfort and safety. The UPEASY lifting cushion helps people, who have lost sufficient upper or lower body strength to get up unassisted. It makes it easier to gently sit and rise from your chair or sofa. Safe and easy to use, it will lift up to 70% of your body weight.

    Learn More
  10. Standers Recliner Risers

    Stander Recliner Risers

    SKU: A20526


    The Stander Recliner Risers are innovative aids that allow users with limited mobility to easily and safely enjoy their favorite recliner without stressing the hips, back or legs.

    Learn More
  11. Standers Furniture Risers 8 pack

    Stander Furniture Risers 8 pack

    SKU: A20525


    Limited mobility can make you feel like you need to completely remodel your house and furniture to be comfortable again, but the Stander Furniture Risers are an affordable, easy way to add extra height to your existing furniture.

    Learn More
  12. Stander Assist-A-Tray

    Stander Assist-A-Tray

    SKU: A17535


    The Stander Assist-A-Tray is designed to provide users with an easy and comfortable way of safely getting up or sitting down out of a recliner or sofa.

    Learn More
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