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Replacement Lift Slings

The patient lift was engineered to reduce common back injuries to caregivers and to ensure dignity in patient handling. Each patient lift sling is comfortable, durable and is an important medical mobility device. Injuries due to back strains are one of the most common reasons that caregivers apply for workmen"s compensation. A patient lift reduces staff injuries saving your healthcare facility precious time and money.

Patient lift slings attach to the Hoyer lift with either adjustable straps or chains. The slings are tough and durable for patient safety. The materials used in these slings are made of very durable fabrics that are resistant to moisture and heavy laundering. Patient slings are designed to accommodate all types of patients heavy or light.

Hoyer Lift Slings

Our most universal sling, the Hoyer Quick Fit Delixe Sling is a hammock style sling designed to fully support the patient during each lift. The sling has a built-in head support and a unique strap system that keeps the person secure in the sling. A special polyester fabric in the seat area helps to reduce friction and makes the sling easy to place around a person in a chair without lifting the person. This is the best choice for most situations including bathing. The Hoyer Quick Fit Deluxe Sling has a 500lb maximum weight capacity and has additional material built into the seat and back to provide a comfortable and supportive lift. This reinforced sling is one of the most comfortable and easy to use slings on the market. Buy your Hoyer Replacement Sling today from!

Designed for heavier users, the Hoyer Quick Fit Padded Sling supports the buttocks and leg areas with extra padding to provide comfort and security. Part of the Hoyer Professional Sling series, the Quick Fit Padded sling is designed for lifting seated patients. The Hoyer Quick Fit Padded Sling has a 500lb maximum weight capacity, making it one of the most stable and heavy-duty slings available. This reinforced sling combined with additional padding makes this one of the most comfortable and easy to use slings on the market. Buy your Hoyer Replacement Sling today from!

The Drive Padded U Sling is a universal sling patient lift and available in a variety of sizes for the ideal fit. The closed-cell foam padding in this lift sling offers additional comfort to the patient. The Drive Padded U Sling is available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and is easily adaptable to a range of shapes, sizes and needs. The Drive Patient U Sling is very durable and strong, and with a weight capacity of 600 pounds this may be used as a bariatric lift with some bariatric patients. Very user friendly, the Drive Padded Sling is simple to install and remove.