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Lights and Magnifying Lamps

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    OttLite Better Vision Rechargable Battery Task Lamp

    SKU: A17778


    The OttLite Better Vision Rechargeable Battery Task Lamp is a portable, rechargeable task lamp that helps people with low vision see, read, and write more clearly. The small, unique fold-up design allows the Task Lamp to be taking virtually anywhere; around the house for household activities, the office to type e-mails, or even on vacation! The fold up design even features a handle and an extendable head to position the portable task lamp any angle you desire. The rechargeable battery task lamp is ideal for artists and crafters who want crisp, clear light where ever they are.

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  2. Ottlite Telescoping Table Lamp

    Ottlite Telescoping Table Lamp

    SKU: A17781x


    The Ottlite Telescoping Table Lamp is an easy to use reading or task lighting unit that swivels 360° at the base. Height adjustable, the Ottlight Table Lamp helps reduce eye strain while improving image and detail resolution with a balance of wavelengths. Equipped with a long lasting energy-efficient natural lighting bulb, this table lamp can last up to 8,000 hours before the bulb needs to be replaced. Buy the Ottlite Telescoping Table Lamp today from ActiveForever!

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  3. Visor Light for Optivisor

    Visor Light for Optivisor

    SKU: A18061x

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  4. Lampcraft Fermata Clip-On Battery LED Light
  5. Levo Bookholder Light

    Levo Bookholder Light

    SKU: A17618


    The Levo Bookholder Light combines the super-bright illumination of a desk lamp with the convenience of a portable worklight. This remarkable LED light is a versatile and handy addition to any desk or workstation.

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  6. LUX-900 Triple Lens Magnifier Lamp

    LUX-900 Triple Lens Magnifier Lamp

    SKU: A17787


    The LUX-900 Triple Lens Magnifier Lamp is a quality desk-mounted magnifier with three built in magnification lenses. Perfect for craftwork and other small hobbie-work, the unique design features a main 5x diopter magnifying glass as well as 8x and 10x diopter lenses on either side.

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