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  1. Advil Advanced Medicine for Pain

    Advil Advanced Medicine for Pain

    SKU: A12673


    Advil Advanced Medicine for Pain is an easy to swallow capsule that eliminates any aches and pains you may feel. Ideal for those suffering from headaches, toothaches, backaches, colds, muscular aches, arthritis, menstrual cramps, fever and more; Advil presents temporary relief to treat pain at the source. Advil Advanced Medicine for Pain's active ingredient, Ibuprofen, helps by stopping the release of the enzyme, cyclo-oxygenase. The reason this helps reduce pain is because cyclo-oxygenase is accountable for creating various chemicals in the body, including prostaglandins.

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  2. Feminine Relief Tablets H4030

    Feminine Relief Tablets H4030

    SKU: A12737


    The Feminine Relief Tablets offer you temporary relief from any minor discomfort, cramping, and pain associated with the normal menstrual period. The active ingredients found in these tablets, Acetaminophen (325 mg) and Pamabrom (25mg), are the reason that these specific tablets work much the same as other feminine relief medicine such as Pamprin to alleviate some pain, yet, without the pricy mark-up.

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  3. Extra Strength Pain Reliever H426

    Extra Strength Pain Reliever H426

    SKU: A12743


    The Extra Strength Pain Reliever provides temporary relief from pain and pressure often associated with headaches, sinusitis and toothaches. This non-prescription medication offers users soothing relief from minor arthritis and rheumatism pain as well as aches from the cold and the flu Individually packaged. 

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  4. Extra Strength Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever H418

    Extra Strength Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever H418

    SKU: A12742


    The Extra Strength Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever offers users temporary relief from minor aches and pains. Great for those with arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, headaches, menstrual cramps, and overexertion, this non-aspirin pain reliever also helps reduce fevers. 

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  5. Cherry Cough Drops 100 1-Packs H452

    Cherry Cough Drops 100 1-Packs H452

    SKU: A12747


    The Cherry Cough Drops come in a box of 100 individually wrapped throat lozenges that temporarily relieves coughs and bronchial irritation. Great for use while on the go, these cough drops come in a great tasting cherry flavor that is great for the whole family. 

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  6. Bayer Aspirin

    Bayer Aspirin

    SKU: A12678


    Bayer Aspirin is an FDA approved medication that provides you with temporary relief of a headache, muscle pain, toothache, menstrual pain, fever, minor pain of arthritis. For the past century, thousands of consumers have depended on Bayer Aspirin as their superior and highly effective pain reliever. Bayer with its active ingredient being aspirin has put a stop to the pain its customers were experiencing and is now progressing into a potential averter to diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's. Recent studies already show that Bayer is not only just a temporary pain reliever but actually a lifesaving "wonder drug".

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  7. Back Pain Reliever Tablets H4031

    Back Pain Reliever Tablets H4031

    SKU: A12738


    Back Pain Reliever Tablets use the active ingredients, Magnesium Salicylate (200mg) and Acetaminophen (200 mg), to offer you fast-acting temporary relief of minor backache. Buy the Back Pain Reliever Tablets today from ActiveForever!

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  8. Aspirin 5 Grain H410

    Aspirin 5 Grain H410

    SKU: A12741


    The Aspirin 5 Grain H410 is a temporary pain reliever that comes in a box of 100 tablets. Ideal for not only headaches and menstrual cramps, Aspirin 5 Grain helps alleviate pain associated with neuralgia, toothaches, muscle aches and inflammation from arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. 

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  9. Anti-Diarrhea Tablets H4060-KP

    Anti-Diarrhea Tablets H4060-KP

    SKU: A12739


    The Anti-Diarrhea Tablets are easy to swallow tablets that control diarrhea within 24 hours and help alleviate symptoms such as heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach and nausea. With 262 mg. of Bismuth Subsalicylate in each tablet, users can be assured knowing that their symptoms will quickly subside.

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  10. Antacid Tablets 100 1-Packs H434

    Antacid Tablets 100 1-Packs H434

    SKU: A12745


    The Antacid Tablets help relieve discomfort often associated with heartburn, acid indigestion and upset or sour stomach. With 420 mg of calcium carbonate, users will begin to feel relief within minutes.

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  11. Alka-Seltzer


    SKU: A12676


    Alka-Seltzer gives you the quick relief from upset stomach that you need. Alka-Seltzer's unique effervescent formula combines the soothing relief of aspirin, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate to provide you with speedy and dependable relief. An antacid and pain reliever in one to comfort your upset stomach and headache, Alka-Seltzer has been the go-to pain reliever for over 75 years.

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  12. Pepto Bismol

    Pepto Bismol

    SKU: A12675


    Pepto Bismol is a chewable tablet that offers relief of heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea. These discomforts can be painful and affect your day or lifestyle. With Pepto Bismol you won't constantly need to run to the bathroom during an important business meeting or even a date! Continue to eat the food you love without having to worry about the side effects of indigestion or heartburn!

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