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I have had a water pillow for years. This pillow is soooo much better and I have ordered one for my Hair dresser and she is in love with this pillow and, now her mother has ordered 2 more pillows. - Margie J
Review by on 21/11/2014 4:57 PM
Love the pillow.
Review by Diane Longfield on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
My 11 year old son complains of neck pain when using standard pillows (no medical problems) and this pillow has really resolved his issues.
Review by William Hampton on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
This pillow improved my quality of life. Afrer having my son I developed a neck problem. After 8 months of not having full range of motion, I purchased one of these pillows. I almost instantly had relief in my neck! I now sleep during the night and feel refreshed when I wake up. I have most of my family addicted to these pillows. I highly recommend purchasing this pillow. SARAH L.
Review by Oliver Clothesoff on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
I surprised myself by going online to read reviews on this pillow before I bought one. Lots of them. It's a pillow for crying out loud. Everyone wants a good one, but people's needs are different. I thought, "what is someone else's review going to tell me about my experience of it?" Well, as I write this, I know that I'm adding my 50 cents to a long list of other reviews. And it's har View more
Review by patricia sandoval on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
I already had a ChiroFlow pillow of my own. I bought this one as a gift for a friend who liked mine.
Review by Frank Kosinski on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM

6 Item(s)

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

Simply fill the thermally insulated bladder with your preferred amount of water and you're ready to enjoy sleep-filled nights in comfort.

A full night's sleep improves mental capacity, it helps reduce fatigue and allows the body to heal. Good rest can not only make you look and feel better, but also increase energy and reduce stress. Understanding this, the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow was designed to instantly adjust to changes in sleeping position, reducing neck pain, relieving headaches, and improving your overall sleep quality. The fully encased water bladder prevents body heat from being drawn from the head, neck and shoulders to minimize discomfort as well.

When positioned correctly, the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow cradles the neck with outstanding support in all directions. As you roll from back to side throughout the night, the water instantly adjusts to maintain correct head and neck support resulting in outstanding comfort and less occurrences of waking up in the middle of the night to reposition.

Mediflow Pillow

In a recent clinical study conducted at the world renowned Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, doctors found that the Mediflow Waterbase pillow ranked best in all aspects of quality of sleep tested, including how fast subjects fell asleep, how few times they woke up and overall quality of sleep. Buy your Mediflow Waterbase Pillow from today and begin enjoying the benefits of a great night's rest!

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Features:

  • Restores energy with full night's sleep
  • Freshen your appearance
  • Proven to improve quality of sleep
  • Completely customizable support levels
  • Hypoallergenic DuPont polyester fiber filling
  • Down filling also available
  • Easy-to-fill water pouch
  • Provides luxurious, rejuvenating sleep
  • Soothe daily stresses
MediFlow Cap

Layers of the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow:

  • 1 - Hypo-allergenic DuPont® polyester fiber (or Down) floats over the top of the water layer to provide comfort.
  • 2 - Thermal insulator fully encases the water layer to prevent heat loss
  • 3 - Resealable water bladder secured to the base of the pillow
Mediflow Pillow


Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Dimensions:

  • Standard: 20" x 28"
  • Travel: 13.5" x 21"
  • Standard (w/Down): 17" x 25.25"
  • Also Available: Additional quilted covers for standard size (20" x 28") Mediflow pillow

Expedited shipping costs may vary as the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow is oversized. Please call for a shipping quote for all Next Day, 2nd Day, and 3Day Orders.

Warranty: 3-year warranty covering manufacturing defects

Returns: Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable. Please refer to ActiveForever's return policy for more detailed information.

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  • Mediflow Waterbase Pillow
  • Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

SKU: A16140


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Mediflow Waterbase Pillow : Mediflow Water Pillow Travel Size
Mediflow Waterbase Pillow : Mediflow Water Pillow Standard Size
Mediflow Waterbase Pillow : Mediflow Water Pillow Standard Size Down Pillow
The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow is a high quality orthopedic pillow that combines a neck supporting design with an innovative water-filled chamber. Delivering clinically proven support, comfort and reliability, this deluxe pillow is easily customized to your preferred level of firmness.