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Medline Industries

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  • Weil Knee Scooter

    Weil Knee Scooter

    The Weil Knee Scooter is an exceptional mobility aid intended to assist anyone who is suffering from lower leg pain or limited leg mobility. If you are recovering from a fracture, an operation requiring weight to be taken off the foot, or a diabetic foot wound that requires "off loading" to heal, the Weil Knee Scooter is the perfect solution to ease your pain and help you through a safe and frustration-free recovery.

  • Platinum Reacher

    Platinum Reacher

    The Platinum Reacher from allows the user to enjoy greater independence and convenience at a great price! With a deluxe 31" length, reaching the things you need is so much easier.

  • Medline Ultrasound Transmission Gel

    Medline Ultrasound Transmission Gel

    Water-soluble, non-greasy ultrasound and electrical coupling gel comes packaged with a 9 oz. container for easy refill.

  • Medline Elements Bedside Commode

    Medline Elements Bedside Commode

    The Medline Elements Bedside Commode is a fully adjustable toilet mobility aid perfect for those who suffer from debilitating diseases such as Parkinsons or post hip, back, or leg surgery patients.

  • Medline Quick-Fit Crutches

    Medline Quick-Fit Crutches

    The Medline Quick-Fit Crutches are perfect for individuals recovering from surgery or an injury. Suitable for users ranging from 4' 7" to 6' 7", easy height settings easily adjust for a comfortable fit, while quick grip adjustments quickly adjusts to accommodate the patient.

  • Medline Drop Arm Commode

    Medline Drop Arm Commode

    The Medline Drop Arm Commode is a highly cost effective and durable commode design, complete with foam padded arms that swing down and out of the way for lateral transfers.

  • Medline Pelvic Traction Belt

    Medline Pelvic Traction Belt

    Medline Pelvic Traction Belt
  • Excel Manual Wheelchair

    Excel Manual Wheelchair

    The Medline Excel Manual Wheelchair is a deluxe personal mobility and transport aid that is affordably priced and easy to maintain. The carbon steel frame is lightweight yet durable for years of reliable performance. Featuring removable desk-length padded armrests and swing-away elevating leg rests that have a notched, stainless steel ratchet bar to lock securely in place.

  • Excel Reclining Back Wheelchair

    Excel Reclining Back Wheelchair

    Ease pain and enhance overall patient comfort with the Excel Reclining Back Wheelchair!

    Comfort and transportation combine as one with this deluxe reclining back wheelchair. The supportive and ergonomically designed seat reclines to a full 160° to provide the most comfortable sitting position possible. The padded footrests can swing out to ease in entry and getting up out of the wheelchair.

  • Medline BioCon 500 Ultrasound Bladder Scanner

    Medline BioCon 500 Ultrasound Bladder Scanner

    Medline BioCon 500 Ultrasound Bladder Scanner

    Starting at: $1,155.99

  • Guardian Easy Care Folding Walker

    Guardian Easy Care Folding Walker

    The Easy Care Folding Walker offers an exceptional mobility aid at an incredible value. Often times, walkers can be extremely bulky and difficult to transport themselves, but the Easy Care folds easily and is made from light weight, sturdy aluminum for  ease of travel.  Get yours from Active Forever today!

  • Guardian Heavy Duty Walker

    Guardian Heavy Duty Walker

    The Guardian Heavy Duty Walker supports a higher weight capacity and is height-adjustable for taller people. Perfect for use at home or while traveling, the Heavy Duty Walker easily fits inside the trunk of a car, is easy to maneuver and very lightweight. Purchase your Guardian Heavy Duty Walker today from


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Medline Industries