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Access Ramps

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Pool Ramps

A pool ramp is a wheelchair accessible ramp made get in and out of a swimming pool safely and conveniently. There are several available, but one in particular is the Aqua Trek Pool Ramp. This ramp can be built to custom specifications for virtually any pool shape and size with a 4" depth or greater. These durable, commercial grade ramps are made of a non-corrosive 304 stainless steel, rigid PVC plastic, and deck anchors made of cast bronze. In addition, it can serve as a versatile three-in-one system. It can be left in ramp formation for Aquatic Wheel Chair access, a step system (in appropriate pool depths), or underwater parallel bars. They come in standard length for pools 48" deep or in extended lengths for those over 48". Installing a pool ramp requires a professional installer. First you will need to fill out pool profile and gutter detail sheets. This will allow the manufacturer to custom fit your pool access system appropriately.

Suitcase Ramps

A suitcase ramp is a portable ramp that, when folded, mimics the shape of a suitcase, including a handle. Suitcase ramps are designed for those on the go to assist with loading wheelchairs, scooters, transport and power chairs into a vehicle, up stairs or curbing. An example of one is the Signature Series EZ Access Suitcase Ramp. This handy, newly redesigned ramp comes in 2"- 8" length options by 30" width, and offers an 800 pound weight capacity. 2"-4" ramps are usually designed to be used for curbs. 5" ramps can be used for curbs and some minivans. 6"-7" ramps are used for stairs with 1-3 steps and some minivans and SUV"s. 8" ramps are used for stairs with 2-3 steps and some minivans and SUV"s. Upgrades on this new model include a hinged, ergonomic handle, bottom transitioning plates that self-adjust, and enhanced extruded tread for better grip. The hinges are designed to be flush, keeping one from getting pinched. It is shipped fully assembled and can come with an optional top lip extension that will increase the standard 3" lip to become 9". This will allow the ramp to clear the rear bumper of SUV"s and vans. Other brands that make foldable ramps are Pride Mobility Products and Drive Medical.

Threshold Ramps

A threshold ramp is a small ramp that butts up to a threshold of a standard or sliding door or raised landing to accommodate those that use a wheelchair, transport or power chair, wheelchair, or rollator. They come in aluminum (anodized) and rubber (made from 10% recycled tires) and a variety of sizes from 1"-6" tall and 14.5", 24", 34", 36", 40", and, 42" wide. Weight capacities range from 600 to 850 pounds and meet all ADA slope requirements. They are perfect for indoor/outdoor use, are portable and lightweight, and do not require permanent installation. A few main benefits of a rubber threshold ramp compared to an aluminum one are that rubber is quieter and can be trimmed to fit unique heights. A few durable brands that make threshold ramps are Harmar, Pride, and EZ Access.

ADA Compliancy Standards for pool accessibility