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Knee Walkers & Scooters

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How to Choose the Best Knee Walker & Scooter

Knee Walkers & Knee Scooters are amazing devices recently developed to assist people with leg injuries, helping them maintain active and mobile lifestyles. Their unique designs allow the injured leg to be held stable while the injured person moves the knee walker along with their opposite leg. Safe, secure and exceptionally easy to use, knee walkers & scooters have marked a revolution in the process of healing leg injuries and increasing mobility.

As opposed to traditional means of mobility such as crutches, canes and wheelchairs, knee scooters combine the best parts of each device into one remarkably efficient and sound walker. Providing more stability and support than a pair of crutches, they"re as innately easy to use as a cane, and are as maneuverable as a wheelchair. By picking and pulling out the best features from each device and integrating them into one walker, it is no surprise knee walkers have become increasingly popular with rehabilitation centers as well as home users.

There are many different models and features are available, which makes it difficult to choose the best device for your needs. To help define the many options and accessories, here are some important points to consider before purchasing a knee walker or scooter. By carefully addressing these points you will help narrow down the selections to find the product that best suits your specific ailment.

Choosing which knee walker or scooter best suits you requires an honest assessment of your needs as well as a review of what features you are most comfortable with. Some knee scooters have a narrow 4 wheel design in a rectangle shape and are built with large wheels, making them great for travelling longer distances or for extended usages in narrow settings. Knee scooters which have wider frames and wheels are spaced farther apart like the Weil Knee Scooter or the Spry Knee Cruzer Elite increase stability and are great for those suffering with balance issues. The kneeling surfaces of these mobility aids are adjustable vertically to accommodate a wide range of patient heights and their handlebars can be raised or lowered for a proper hand grip as well. Some knee walkers such as these also include detachable basket accessories that mount on the front of the handle bars to provide convenient storage. Never before has there been so much choice for injury rehabilitation and mobility.

Perhaps the easiest decision when it comes to knee walkers is the weight capacity. Most every knee walker or scooter will have a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. or more, but some come with even higher weight maximums. The Drive Knee Walker Heavy Duty for instance is fitted with a 400lb weight capacity. The walker is a very sturdy device made of lightweight, yet strong materials. This heavy duty knee walker can even be used as a seat if the user becomes tired and requires some rest. Narrowing down the best knee walker for your specific weight is the first point to consider when purchasing.

Another important point to consider when purchasing a knee scooter is your specific limitations. Due to the various designs, finding a design that compliments the user and their environment is easy to achieve. Some knee scooters like the Spry Elite Cruzer are wide and designed with a unique back wheel that turns in place for ease in maneuvering in small spaces like office complexes or hospitals. Others like the Turning Leg Caddy are narrower and fine-tuned for people looking to use the knee walker over long distances such as warehouses or narrow hallways like those found on school campuses. If balance is an issue, it is recommended that you consider knee walker options with wider bases, as they promote stability. By carefully considering the scenarios where your knee walker will be used will be the most informative information to help determine the best knee walker.

Perhaps the most important point to consider is your upper body strength. Due to the nature of the knee walker design, in order to maintain safe operation, and to minimize the risk of further injury, the user must be able to steer and lift the knee walker. Considering the weight of the knee walker before you buy will save a lot of added stress to the healing process. The Drive DV8 Knee Walker, weighs only 20 pounds and features a gel padded knee rest that distributes the user"s weight evenly along with a removable basket for convenience. This lightweight construction makes transporting your knee walker a breeze, and the walker can be lifted right into the trunk or backseat, a necessary feature to consider when recovering from injury.

When placing an order for a medical knee walker or scooter, make certain that you have carefully and honestly considered these points as they will determine which medical knee walker best suits your needs. It is also suggested that you do not delay when ordering as the devices ship nearly fully assembled and are considered "oversized" by freight carriers. All of our knee walkers ship free of charge, but because of the size and weight of the packages, they must ship via ground methods only and delivery times can be slightly delayed. With some careful planning and consideration, you can limit the time spent suffering, and start rolling along with a little help from your friends here at!