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Patient Lifts

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Patient Lifting and Transfer devices

Patient lifts provider a better quality of life for both patients and caregivers. There are many different types of lifts to choose from. Before purchasing a patient lift you need to answer a few questions.

  • How long will the patient lift be used for?
  • What are the patient's physical limitations?
  • How much available room space do you have for the lift?
  • Will the lift be manual or electric?
  • What is your budget?

These are some of questions to consider before choosing a patient transfer system. If you have any questions about our patient lift systems please give our staff a call at 1.800.377.8033

Lifts For Patient Handling

Manual Patient Lifts - Manual lifts are completely operated by the caregiver. The caregiver is responsible for raising, lowering and positioning the patient. The manual lifts have hydraulic assists, making it easier for the caregiver to handle the patient"s weight. These lift systems are the safe way to transfer patients from bed to chair, chair to bed, toileting, bathing and showering. Manual lifts are a better choice for those individuals are who are budget conscience.

Here are two of"s best selling manual patient lift systems.

Invacare Hydraulic Patient Lift
The lightweight construction and easy disassembly make this Invacare manual patient lift easy to set up and even easier to transport between rooms. With the unique slim design, the Invacare Hydraulic Patient Lift is the versatile enough to use for virtually any and all patient moves. The Invacare Hydraulic Patient Lift has a full 20" to 64" range that easily allows for patients to be picked up from any position; whether it be a lying position on the floor on in their bed.

The Hoyer Hydraulic Patient Lift full travel height which allows for lifting from the floor and the easy adjust legs lock securely into position for added stability. The pump handle also rotates; allowing for use on both sides of the lift. The Hoyer hydraulic lift uses a 6 point cradle that was designed with the patient"s comfort in mind. The HML400 is the perfect solution for hospitals, nursing homes, and home care facilities; buy yours from ActiveForever and save!

The Body Up Evolution is a revolutionary and innovative new tool in patient mobility.  It is the only patient lift that also easily serves as a transport chair, shower chair and commode for the patient.  Simple and easy to use, the BodyUp Evolution lifts a patient out of their bed then is used to easily transport them to accross their home, to the bathroom, or to the car.  The "All In One" capacity of the Body UP gives both the carer and patient peace of mind and ease of mobility!

Electric Patient Lift Systems

An electric powered patient lift system can easily lift and control a patient without the physical exertion of using a manual system. Amazingly simple, with a push of a button the patient is transferred comfortably and securely. This allows the caregiver to focus on other transportation needs. The electric power can be supplied by electric outlets or by battery power. There is also a redundant manual system in case of power failure.

Please take a look at these high quality electric powered patient lifts

The Alliance Battery Powered Lift HE delivers superior performance while safeguarding both caregivers and patients. The 4.5" base is exceedingly stable and it accepts wheel chairs and commodes. Easy-to-grip handles and a multi-tilt spreader bar promote a high level of safety for all participants. Also equipped with an emergency lift/lower system, this patient transfer device is a key component of care facilities everywhwere. Buy the Alliance Battery Powered Lift HE from today!

The Invacare Reliant 450 Power Patient Lift is an advanced bariatric patient lift designed for convenience and accessibility. A super-high lift range and adjustable power base allow for easy access to tubs, commodes, and raised beds, and the low base slides easily underneath anything with a 4.5" clearance. Total Pinch Protection® ensures all moving parts are covered to prevent accidental injury to the caregiver or the patient. A padded swivel bar with 6-point universal sling hookups allows the patient to use whatever sling type they are most comfortable with, and can be rotated a full 360° for unbeatable positioning control.

Pool Lifts

Pool Lifts are great for assisting disabled persons or persons with limited mobility in getting into and out of a pool for pool exercises or recreation.

If you have any questions about our patient handling systems please give our staff a call at 1.800.377.8033