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Pool Lifts: How to Choose the Best Pool Lift

Aquatic lifts, or pool lifts, are amazing devices which allow people who suffer with extreme mobility issues to enjoy water therapy in a safe and secure manner. There are multiple makes and models of pool lifts available, so it is very important to understand the factors that will help you to determine the best lift for your specific needs. These devices can range from pediatric pool lifts for children and small people to heavy duty bariatric pool lifts designed for the overweight, and it is highly recommended that you consider the characteristics of each lift before making a purchase to ensure you are ordering the best suited device for your needs.

There are three essential factors to consider when purchasing a new pool lift; they are your weight, the extent of the disability, and the setting where the lift is to be utilized. These points must be thoughtfully considered, in order to ensure your pool lift will be well-suited for your needs.

  • Your Weight: First and foremost, each aquatic lift has a maximum weight capacity determined by the manufacturer that cannot be exceeded. Most pool lifts will have a lifting capacity of at least 300lbs. Carefully consider the weight of the person or persons who will be using the pool lift to ensure the lift will be rated to hold them safely.

  • Disability: The second factor to consider is the nature of the person or persons who will be using the pool lift. There are multiple seats and seat attachments specifically designed for people suffering from a wide selection of disabilities and mobility limitations, determining the best pool lift for your needs will require an honest assessment of the person(s) set to use it.

  • Lift environment: After considering the previous two factors, the last and maybe the most important point to address is where the pool lift is being used. Some lifts are only available for permanent installation, whereas other aquatic lifts are portable. Some pool lifts are specially designed for above ground pools and spas. By knowing the environment where the aquatic lift is going to be used, you can narrow down the best choice. Addressing all of these factors before making a decision will enable you to choose an pool lift that will last for years to come.

Pool Lift Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am a clinician and am looking to purchase a pool lift for my facility, what do I need to know?

You must consider first consider your weight limitations and whether or not the lift will be permanently installed. When intended for multiple users, it is recommended you purchase a heavy duty pool lift listed for a higher weight capacity, 450lbs maximum capacity or more, whether it is portable or not. Because it is difficult to know the exact weight of every user, we suggest you look for a pool lift with a higher maximum weight to ensure a higher variety of people can utilize the device. An example of a heavy duty lift is the Revolution Pool Lift from Aqua Creek. This permanently installed lift includes more standard features than any of our other pool lifts; the Revolution Pool Lift also touts a 500lb weight capacity, the heaviest weight capacity lift we offer. If you require a non-permanent installation, look no further than the Portable Pro Pool Lift, also from Aqua Creek. This innovative portable lift flaunts a 25 percent higher lifting capacity than any other portable aquatic lift on the market today.

I have an above ground pool: are there any pool lifts that work for me?

Almost all of our available pool lifts have multiple height options for use with above ground pool and spas. Some are designed for both, like the Hi/Lo option for the Splash Aquatic Pool Lift with a massive 52" high lifting arm, made for transfers in and out of in-ground and above-ground pools. Another lifter with outstanding versatility is the SPA option for the PAL 1000 Portable Aquatic Pool Lift. With a 48" tall lifting arm, this lift is specifically designed for above ground pools and spas. Your exact pool or spa specifications will help you to decide what options you need to consider. By first measuring the amount of height needed for clearance, you can determine the correct aquatic lift for you pool with relative ease.

What types of accessories are available for pool lifts?

There are a variety of accessories available for all of our pool lifts, ranging from stability aids for patients with severe mobility concerns, to arm and head rests to provide added support and comfort. Depending on the limitations of the person using the device, we suggest you take a look at the different choices available before making a decision. The Spine Board Attachment for the PAL 1000 Pool Lift for example converts your pool lift from an accessibility aid into a life saving device. Allowing the lift to be used to extract an injured swimmer out of the water without aggravating the injury provides a sense of security and peace of mind for the pool owner. Another great accessory is the Stability Vest, designed to work with the Splash, PAL 1000, and AXS Semi Portable Aquatic Pool Lift. This simple yet innovative device attaches like a harness to the lift seat, providing unmatched support for the person using the device. Also available are the Extra Batteries for RMT Lifts, universal gel lead acid batteries which work with each of our lifts, providing you with the peace of mind and security, knowing you will always have a battery back-up for your lift for emergencies.

Can pool lifts be operated by the patient alone?

All of our battery powered pool lifts are equipped with fully submersible remote controls so the patient can lower themselves into, and raise themselves out of, the water unaided. With the exception of the manually adjusted hydraulic actuator on the EZ Pool Lift, all of our lifts are powered by rechargeable battery, and provide an estimated 30 lifts per charge. In pool settings where the lift is permanently installed, the patient has the option of directing themselves into the water, allowing for more personalized water therapy and rehabilitation. Portable pool lifts are typically heavier, or contain counterweights to offset the weight of the patient being lifted and would require assistance in set-up. Please note ActiveForever recommends that you always have a lifeguard or caregiver near when using pool lifts to prevent potentially dangerous complications.

Can any of the pool lifts be used for larger bodies of water?

Aquatics lifts are not all designed merely for the pool or Spa. The Global Lift Rotational Series for example is designed with a long lifting arm and sturdy 18" diameter base, allowing it to be used for transfers in and out of boats and other watercraft with relative ease. The powder coated stainless steel frame and heavy duty ABS plastic housings will not rust or degrade in either fresh or saltwater environments, making this lift perfect for dockside aquatic transfers and lifts.

Be it an above-ground or dockside, heavy duty or lightweight and portable, by keeping these points and questions in mind when purchasing, you will be able to determine the best pool lift for your needs now and for years to come. Buy your pool lift from ActiveForever today and be on your way to experiencing the sense of freedom and satisfaction from regaining your mobility and independence around water.

Click this link for information on ADA Accessibility Requirements for Pool Lifts