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Power Chairs

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The Power Chair

Mobility aids consisting of electric wheelchairs and power chairs are essential to independent living for handicapped individuals. A power chair can bring the freedom of traveling to destinations which once were unattainable to those with physical disabilities.

Electric powered wheelchairs or "power chairs" improve the quality of life for people with limited mobility. These personal transportation vehicles are specifically engineered to help them regain their freedom and independence. There are multiple brands and models available so it is important to understand the factors that will help you choose the best power chair for your needs. Things to take into consideration before you buy your first electric wheelchair are your; weight height, the typical riding environment and the estimated distances you will be travelling. By answering these four questions, you will be able to eliminate several power chair models.

Jazzy Power Chairs

America"s #1 Power Chair, the Jazzy Select 14 Power Chair is a top of the line power chair offering greater mobility and engineered from the ground up to provide the ultimate in user comfort and ease of operation. The Jazzy Pride Chair has a patented dual-drive motor design and 14" knobby tires that look like they belong on an off road monster truck, this gives the electronic wheelchair a deluxe mobility capability and provides optimal maneuverability even in the ultra-compact environments. It boasts a sophisticated and innovative design, the Jazzy power chair improves on the unique mid-wheel drive to provide users with the ultimate in freedom and independence in or outside of the home.

When you buy the Pride Jazzy Elite 6 Power Chair from Active Forever you are buying one of the world"s most nimble and most navigable power chairs. No matter if it is indoor or outdoor the mobility this electric wheelchair receives top reviews on comfortability and ease of use. The Jazzy Elite 6 innate stability coupled with the advantages of in-line motor technology. The Active-Trac Suspension and front and rear wheels offer solid performance indoors and out.

The Pride Jazzy Select HD Heavy Duty Power Chair is a heavy duty, innovative power chair designed and optimized for individuals with limited mobility. The Jazzy comes complete with "Jazzy Armor" that includes a tough built in shroud and controller guards to protect against daily usage in extreme conditions. The innovative power chair has a mid-wheel drive that was purposely engineered for tight-space maneuverability and navigating around in compact areas.

If you have any questions about electric powered wheelchairs please call the mobility aid experts at Active Forever 1-800-377-8033. Our knowledgeable and courteous staff is here to answer any questions you may have.

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