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Mobility Aids

Mobility aids are devices that are used to increase independent mobility for the injured or elderly. They can range in style from the classic wooden canes and simple steel frame walkers, to technologically advanced and ergonomically designed rollators, luxury lift chairs, space-age hospital beds and high-powered mobility scooters. Depending on your specific mobility needs, there are many options available on the market that will help you and your loved ones stay active forever. The extensive variety allows the user to determine the best mobility aid for their specific need, and provides a world of options and accessories to help cater to every user.

Many mobility aids are designed specifically for the treatment and recovery from injury or disease. Knee walkers, crutches and canes are designed to help with injury or surgery recovery and mild balance impairments. Standard canes and crutches are available in many different heights and weight capacities, but there are many other balance and injury mobility aids available. Millennial Forearm Crutches for example have spring loaded tips, anatomically designed handles and under-arm braces to help support the user"s weight without pinching, binding or slipping. Knee walkers like the Kneal Knee Walker ST have lightweight aluminum bodies and 360 degree turning back wheels which provide unmatched support and maneuverability for those suffering from foot and ankle injuries.

For people with mild to moderate balance and support issues, walkers and rollators are great mobility aids to maintain mobility and self-reliance. Medical walkers are lightweight, simple to use and great for rehabilitation from hip injuries or neurological disorders. Whereas rollators are generally bigger than a standard wheeled walker, providing a larger and more supportive wheelbase, as well as bigger diameter wheels which allow the user to navigate uneven surfaces with greater ease. Rollators also include built in seats, like on the Carex Rollator, which provides the user with the option to sit securely whenever they get tired, making rollators very versatile and highly recommended mobility aids by both physical and occupational therapists. Newer designs of rollators have recently come to market like the Drive Diamond Rollator Transport Chair which provides the same features of a standard rollator but with the added convenience of a transport chair.

For more permanent issues and extended recovery times, wheelchairs or power scooters may be better suited mobility aids. Wheelchairs allow people with lower body injuries or paralysis to remain mobile and productive. Wheelchairs can be constructed out of durable and heavy duty steel like the Excel Manual Wheelchair, making them perfect mobility aids for clinical environments, or extended usages. Many wheelchairs are now made out of lightweight aluminum, and like the Drive Pollywog Transport Wheelchair, can be used as a transport chair or a fully functioning wheelchair. Powered versions are also available for people suffering from advanced mobility concerns. Mobility Scooters are wonderful mobility aids designed for persons with limited strength and mobility issues, specifically built to help users regain their freedom and independence. They allow the user to become more self-reliant, minimizing the stress and strain on family, friends and neighbors. Scooters provide unmatched mobility and range for persons previously unable to leave the house. Pride Mobility offers many different scooters available in 3 and 4 wheel designs, lightweight and heavy duty chassis, and can a few like the ZipR Travel Scooter, that can be easily disassembled for travel. These and dozens more mobility aids truly revolutionize the lives of their users, allowing them to live a full and active life without boundaries or limitations.

For more extreme mobility limitations, hospital beds, and lift chairs are mobility aids that should be considered. Hospital beds like the Drive Ultra Light Full Electric Hospital Bed use hydraulic actuators to help lift patients up for feeding and transfers and they even help to elevate limbs for after-surgery recovery Hospital beds are best suited for bedridden and invalid users, or for long-term recovery. They are available with multiple different mattress types, some use inflated air bag systems to prevent pressure sores and ulcers like the Drive Med Aire Alternating Pressure Mattress System, many are rated for bariatric weight capacities and some utilize memory foam materials to support good posture. For the person with slightly higher range of movement, lift chairs may be the better route. Lift chairs raise users up from a seated position without putting strain on the hips or knees, providing support and reliability. These mobility aids are typically designed to recline and lift the user, but there is much more to a lift chair than that. Some come with heat and massagers built right into the chair seat and back, while others are made with deluxe micro-suede fabrics and plush velvet finishes. Others, like the Golden Technologies Signature Series Regal Lift Chair have dual flip-up armrests and a hide-away tray for convenient and extended use. These features provide unmatched comfort, convenience and support, and allow the user to feel comfortable despite their disability.

Other options for extreme mobility limitations are patient lifts and access ramps. These mobility aids are used to help caregivers and family easily care for their loved ones. Patient lifts are designed to lift as much as a quarter-ton of weight, yet still remain transportable and easy to maneuver around the home. Hoyer has been a big name in the patient lift business for years, and their originally designed Lift which has been imitated by many, is still used today worldwide and remains a mobility aid bestseller. Access ramps help to allow persons with limited mobility gain access to buildings and facilities they normally would not normally be able to access. Whether it is in the backyard at home, or the pool at the local rec center, access ramps are an often overlooked set of mobility aids, but are often worth their weight in gold. They can range in design from the standard door threshold ramps, to fully immersive pool ladders and must be considered when purchasing mobility aids.

By considering the extent of the disability and the estimated time of recovery, you can determine the best mobility aid option, and help to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones. Millions of Americans suffer daily with the limitations of decreased mobility, but with a little preparedness and some help from your friends at ActiveForever, there is no reason to continue living in pain. Buy your mobility aids today and start regaining your independence.

Push type wheelchairs non-electric Standard and lightweight manual wheelchairs

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    Cover for Pro Spa 40 Lift

    SKU: A22166 02


    The Cover for Pro Spa 40 Lift is a robust bulwark against the withering effects of UV rays and damaging weather patterns. Designed to fit and protect the Aqua Creek Pro Spa 40 Lift, this rugged spa lift cover keeps your unit clean, saving you time and money on maintenance. The cover is made in an attractive blue color and will protect your spa lift from the elements and keep it clean. Buy the Cover for Pro Spa 40 Lift from today!

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  9. Global Lift R 375 Rotational Series Anchoring System
  10. Global Lift R 375 Rotational Series Protective Cover
  11. Global Lift Superior Series Lift W/ Out Anchor

    Global Lift Superior Series Lift W/ Out Anchor

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  12. Drive Patient Sling with Commode Opening

    Drive Patient Sling with Commode Opening

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