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You're reviewing: MSA Cool Only Version Vortex Tube Kit With 6' Hose

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PremAire® System Upgrade Kits The basic PremAire Respirator can be upgraded with any of four options. These include: an Escape Cylinder option (in either a five- or ten-minute-rated air supply) that permits emergency escape from Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) atmospheres. A Dual-Supply option that lets workers connect from one pressurized continuous air source to another without losing continuity of air flow. A Duo-Twin option that converts the respirator into a combination supplied-air/air-purifying device. This allows workers in non-IDLH atmospheres to move freely from station-to-station without being tethered to an air-supply hose, yet still be protected by the device's air-purifying capability. A Vortex Tube option that delivers whole-body temperature control for added worker comfort. Note: Duo-Twin Kits are stocked with medium size facepieces. Small and large size facepieces are available as a special order. Hazards Applications Toxic Atmosphere Non-IDLH Chemical Construction Electric Utility Hazardous Materials Nuclear Paper & Pulp




MSA Cool Only Version Vortex Tube Kit With 6' Hose

SKU: C21615

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MSA Cool Only Version Vortex Tube Kit With 6' Hose