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  • ADL Universal Cuff

    ADL Universal Cuff

    The ADL Universal Cuff is designed to give persons with limited grip or dexterity controlled use of items such as eating utensils and writing tools. Pencils, pens and eating utensils fit easily into the ADL Universal Cuff as it includes a utensil pocket to hold the item of choice, and a comfortable elastic strap to keep the unit secured on the hand. Buy yours today from!

  • Dual Handle Sock Assist

    Dual Handle Sock Assist

    The Dual Handle Sock Assist is one of the most extraordinary sock aids on the market. The easy-to-use Dual Handle Sock Assist lays flat on the floor, accommodates feet and calves of all sizes, has a non-stick surface and pulls the sock up the calf instead of releasing it at the ankle. Its innovative design allows easy donning of socks or knee-high nylons using one or two hands. The Dual Handle Sock Assist also works with elastic compression knee high socks or stockings.

  • Edema Glove Full Finger Forearm Length

    Edema Glove Full Finger Forearm Length

    These comfortable, economical gloves provide gentle compression to help control edema. All are washable, sold individually, and latex free.

  • Elastic Shoelaces

    Elastic Shoelaces

    If putting on your shoes tying the laces is becoming increasingly difficult then look no further. The Dress Elastic Shoelaces are a perfect solution for those with limited dexterity or those recovering from surgery.

  • Female SPIL PRUF Urinal

    Female SPIL PRUF Urinal

    The Female SPIL PRUF Urinal is a unique and discreet urinal that can be used at home or while on the go. This urinal features an adaptor that easily slips off so it can be used by either sex and features a dark exterior so that urine is not visible.

  • Four Suiter Card Holder

    Four Suiter Card Holder

    Much easier than trying to hold multiple cards in one hand!

    See all your cards at a glance. Holds more cards than most other card holders. This handy, four-tiered holder allows good visibility of all your cards. Makes a perfect poker gift!

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  • Full - Shoulder Edema Glove

    Full - Shoulder Edema Glove

    These comfortable, economical gloves provide gentle compression to help control edema. All are washable, are sold individually, and latex free.

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    Special Price $5.99

  • Hand Held Inspection Mirror

    Hand Held Inspection Mirror

    The Hand Held Inspection Mirror has an adjustable hand loop for a secure fit on the hand, and is attached to a bendable arm that enables you to view hard to see areas.

  • Long Handled Dust Pan and Broom

    Long Handled Dust Pan and Broom

    The Long Handled Dust Pan and Broom allows you to easily clean and sweep floors without bending over and hurting your back! The Long Handled Dust Pan and Broom is a true back saver, enabling you to clean up litter, crumbs, broken glass and more without straining and bending over to sweep the dirt into the dust pan. This pan is ideal for those with limited mobility issues such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and effects from a stroke, 

  • Torkel Toilet Tissue Aid

    Torkel Toilet Tissue Aid

    The Torkel Toilet Tissue Aid is a convenient and dignifying mobility aid that allows your or your loved ones to have a sense of pride at conducting hygiene activities independently. If you have limited dexterity and trouble reaching, this toilet aid provides an easy-to-use solution at an affordable price. 

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  • Universal Quad Cuff NC35350

    Universal Quad Cuff NC35350

    The Universal Quad Cuff is a simple yet ingenious device designed to give those with little to no finger control the ability to hold and manipulate objects easily and naturally. Centered over the palm, this adjustable device holds tools and utensils securely, allowing the user to use their arm to control the object without requiring any use of the hands.

  • Walker / Wheelchair Bag

    Walker / Wheelchair Bag

    This multi pocketed bag fits both walkers and wheelchairs. Fit the Combo Walker/Wheelchair Bag over a walker bar or wheelchair arm simply by fastening hook and loop tabs.

  • Walker Tray

    Walker Tray

    People with limited hand strength can attach the walker tray onto walkers easily. This high quality walker tray is equipped with a non-slip pad, so food and drinks will stay in place. It also features two drink holders molded into the tray for added convenience.

  • Wanchiks Writer Number 2

    Wanchiks Writer Number 2

    Just like the original Wanchik Writer, the Wanchik Writer #2 holds the pen for you when writing but adds additional wrist support. We've selected this great writing aid due to its comfort, ease of use.

  • Wash Mitt, no pocket

    Wash Mitt, no pocket

    The Wash Mitt with No Pocket is a simple to use wash mitt that is placed on the hand to wash the body. Ideal for people with arthritis, limited grasp or use of only one hand or who have had a stroke. 

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  • Wheelchair Day Pac

    Wheelchair Day Pac

    Sporty and Convenient Wheelchair Pack!

    This exceptionally roomy pack fits any wheelchair with or without push handles. Adjustable straps allow this sporty and convenient pack to slip over the back of any wheelchair seat loosely or snugly, making it simple for the user to remove it from a seated position. Dual zipper system opens pack from either side and includes large pull rings for persons with limited or no grasping ability.

  • Zim Undercabinet Jar Opener

    Zim Undercabinet Jar Opener

    The Zim Under Counter Jar Opener is a rugged, nickel-plated steel jar opener that easily installs under your kitchen cabinets for quick and efficient jar and bottle openings. This restaurant-grade jar opener affixes securely and easily under cabinets or shelves in your kitchen to prevent the pain and wrist-wrenching frustration of trying to open stuck jars.

  • Zim Wall Mount Jar Opener

    Zim Wall Mount Jar Opener

    The Zim Wall Mount Jar Opener is a rugged solid steel jar opener that easily mounts easily on your wall. Affix the ultimate restaurant-grade jar opener under in your home and never be wrist-wrenching again while trying to open jars or bottles. The Zim Wall Mount Jar Opener enables you to open or close screw, pry-up, friction, vacuum or crown-top jars or bottle caps with a simple twist. If opening jars has become increasingly difficult due to reduced hand strength then look no further than the Zim Wall Mount Jar Opener.


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27 Item(s)