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Orthopedic Pillows

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  1. Jackson Core Roll Orthopedic Support Pillow

    The Jackson Core Roll Orthopedic Support Pillow is a comfortable and therapeutic orthopedic pillow that can reduce headaches and neck pain. Fiber-filled and ergonomic, the Jackson Roll Pillow features a cylindrical design that provides the highest quality cervical support available.

  2. The First Class Sleeper Pillow

    Lie comfortably and make your journeys more enjoyable with the Travelon First Class Sleeper Pillow. Recommended by orthopedic surgeons, the pillow was invented by a pilot, Bob Duncan, to help travelers comfortably support their head, shoulders and back to avoid pains due to the strain of excessive sitting.

  3. Hermell Knee Rest Wedge Cushion

    The White Knee Rest Wedge Cushion by Hermell is a comfortable and therapeutic pillow that provides outstanding lower back support when you are reclining. Ideal for those with back pain, this pillow has a wedge design that corrects the posture and helps to aligns the spine.

  4. Memory Foam In-Between-the-Knee Pillow

    The Memory Foam In-Between-the-Knee Pillow is a firm leg wedge pillow that offers comfortable pressure relieving support.

  5. Hermell Face Down Ergonomic Pillow Hermell Face Down Ergonomic Pillow

    Hermell Face Down Ergonomic Pillow

    The Hermell Face Down Wedge Cushion is a resting cushion made with the motive of providing users absolute comfort when they sleep on their stomach. It has an awesome wedge shaped design that maintains body posture of both men and women when used. This face down wedge cushion is made from a premium quality foam which provides extra comfort to your head, neck and chest while sleeping.

    Regular Price: $38.70

    Special Price $38.13

  6. Obusforme Ortho-Pedic Contoured Memory Foam Pillow

    The Obus Forme Ortho-Pedic Contoured Memory Foam Pillow supports the head and natural alignment of the neck. Soft and comfortable, this versatile pillow is designed with two different sides - featuring four different sleeping options, two different surface textures, and a choice of comfort or memory foam. The temperature-sensitive memory foam responds to pressure and your body's heat allowing for a full, comfortable night sleep. Buy the Obus Forme Ortho-Pedic Contoured Memory Foam Pillow from ActiveForever today!

  7. Regency Poli Foam Leg Wedge

    Elevate your legs to a comfortable position to help restore circulation and reduce swelling with the Regency Poli Foam Leg Wedge. Ideal for helping you to recover from lower leg injuries and surgery, the Regency Poli Foam Leg Wedge is designed to provide you with optimum comfort and is manufactured by one of the top names in quality foam products.

  8. Prospera iShape Neck Pillow

    The Prospera iShape Neck Pillow offers neck support for individuals suffering from neck pain and discomfort. Soft and comfortable, it easily wraps around your neck so you can relax at home, at the office or during travel. As it cradles the neck it effectively relieves stress, while an attractive and cushy blue cloth material that is soft to the touch comforts your skin. Buy the Prospera iShape Neck Pillow from ActiveForever today!

  9. Body Pillow

    The Body Pillow is the perfect pillow for side sleepers, pregnant women, or those who have constant back or neck pain.

    Regular Price: $23.30

    Special Price $22.96

  10. Inflatable Vinyl Coccyx Ring Donut Cushion

    ActiveForever found that this product is very versatile, portable and serves its purpose very effectively to relieve pressure and stress off your coccyx joint. The 16" ring seat conforms to your body, is very comfortable and easy to use. It inflates easily with a unique Roberts-style valve. The cushion is made of 20-gauge heavy duty vinyl for lasting use, time after time.

  11. Better Sleep Pillow

    The Better Sleep Pillow is a therapeutic pillow will help solve your problem of grogginess and tired feeling in the morning. The Better Sleep Pillow is a contoured orthopedic neck pillow made of memory foam and is a perfect pillow for every type of sleeper; especially side or stomach sleepers. The unique design of the memory foam pillow will help end your snoring, tossing and turning.

  12. Basic Cervical Pillow Standard Support

    This Basic Cervical Pillow is designed to soothe your tired neck and back while supporting your neck in its most natural position. The pillow helps correct the curvature of your neck helping promote the healing process.

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What is an Orthopedic Pillow?

An orthopedic pillow is a pillow designed to correct body positioning in bed or while lying in any other surface. Its design conforms to orthopedic guidelines to ensure the right placement and support of one or more specific parts of the body to provide safe and healthy rest to the sleeper. Orthopedic pillows are engineered specifically to contour to your neck and head, maintaining a smooth and even support. Choosing a pillow will be up to you as size, firmness, and contour will all depend on your sleeping habits and body shape.

If you are a restless sleeper and find yourself moving around throughout the night, you may want a longer pillow. Those that sleep on their side or belly will want to address these attributes when seeking the right pillow for them.

Specialty Pillows For Back and Neck Support

Orthopedic Pillows engineered specifically to contour to your back, neck and head help reduce lumbar pain and improve sleep.
Cervical pillow or contour pillow: A sleep pillow with a curved design that adapts to head, neck and shoulder contour for back sleepers and side sleepers. Helps release breathing airways to reduce snoring and sleep apnea symptoms.
Neck pillows: Pillow designed as a horseshoe for the neck. It receives the name of travel pillow since they are mostly used by travellers to keep their neck straight while sleeping sitting up.
Wledge pillow: triangle-shaped pillow that gives a slope for placing the body in a diagonal position. This pillow is multipurpose; however they are mainly used to relief the symptoms of acid reflux and GERD disease during sleep.
Lumbar pillow: Half-moon shaped pillow used at the lower back to comfort and relief lumbar pain and keep a correct sitting-down position. Likewise, they are used underneath knees for leg elevation and as a neck support for relax and massage.
Knee pillow: Also known as Contour leg pillow. Hourglass shaped pillow that placed between your legs elevates your lower body to keep a straight side sleeping position.
Body pillow: Long curved pillow for total body support that cradles head, neck, shoulders, back, lower back, legs and knees, replaces other pillows and gives full comfort to the side sleeper.

Orthopedic Memory Pillows

The Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow is a premium ergonomic pillow that provides the highest quality cervical support available. Filled with a unique hypoallergenic and anti-microbial fiberfill, the Tri-Core Pillow helps support the natural curve of the spine and provides a natural, relaxing sleep every night. The down-like feel of the pillow provides comfort and support and the fibers can be washed and fluffed to increase the pillows life. Reducing nerve pressure on the neck and spine is proven to increase restful sleep, and refreshed mornings. By conforming to the natural curvature of the neck, the Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow cradles and supports the head and neck like no other pillow on the market. This natural position helps open obstructed airways reducing instances of snoring and tension as well as helping with apnea and COPD treatments. Buy your Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow today from!

Memory Plus Foam Contour Pillow By layering premium memory foam over a therapeutic foam base, we have found the perfect orthopedic pillow for individuals who need greater neck support. A resilient, precision-cut foam base offers therapeutic neck support, while the accommodating top layer conforms to your head for a soothing, customized fit. Together they offer optimal support and help restore the natural curvature of the neck during the various sleep stages, reducing neck, shoulder and back pain.

The Contour Back Max Orthopedic Wedge Pillow System is an adjustable back pain device which provides unmatched anatomical support and exceptional comfort. Comprised of three specially designed plush covered sections, each Contour Back Max Orthopedic Wedge Pillow System is completely customizable to fit the user and can be used individually or in combination to support and elevate the body. There is no other orthopaedic wedge pillow system on the market with the same quality workmanship and therapeutic benefits as the Contour Back Max.

Buy your favorite contouring pillow today from!