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  1. Dr. Ho's Neck Comforter Cervical Traction Device

    The Dr. Ho's Neck Comforter Cervical Traction Device is a remarkable and innovative cervical support system designed to allow the user to set their own traction levels in response to their pain levels and body type.

  2. Jackson Core Roll Orthopedic Support Pillow

    The Jackson Core Roll Orthopedic Support Pillow is a comfortable and therapeutic orthopedic pillow that can reduce headaches and neck pain. Fiber-filled and ergonomic, the Jackson Roll Pillow features a cylindrical design that provides the highest quality cervical support available.

  3. Deluxe Swivel Cushion

    The Deluxe Swivel Cushion is an ultra-soft cushion that assists those with limited mobility easily and safely enter and exit their vehicle or a chair in the home.

  4. Inflatable Vinyl Coccyx Ring Donut Cushion

    ActiveForever found that this product is very versatile, portable and serves its purpose very effectively to relieve pressure and stress off your coccyx joint. The 16" ring seat conforms to your body, is very comfortable and easy to use. It inflates easily with a unique Roberts-style valve. The cushion is made of 20-gauge heavy duty vinyl for lasting use, time after time.

  5. Valeo Universal WSS Neoprene Wrap Around Wrist Support

    Valeo Universal WSS Neoprene Wrap Around Wrist Support
  6. The First Class Sleeper Pillow

    Lie comfortably and make your journeys more enjoyable with the Travelon First Class Sleeper Pillow. Recommended by orthopedic surgeons, the pillow was invented by a pilot, Bob Duncan, to help travelers comfortably support their head, shoulders and back to avoid pains due to the strain of excessive sitting.

  7. Elasto-Gel Cervical Collar

    Neck pain can cause extreme discomfort and affect your entire body. We truly understand and appreciate the need for quality neck care. With this in mind, weve found the Elasto Gel Cervical Collar to provide outstanding neck care and is very durable. No more leaky cold packs!

    Regular Price: $27.41

    Special Price $27.00

  8. Thermotex Infrared Foot Therapy System

    The Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad Foot provides heat therapy to the cold sores and warmth to the cold feet of users. The device gives best results in delivering targeted infrared light wave treatment for muscle pains, sprains, inflammation etc. in the feet and ankles. It has a simple design in which a user can easily place his or her feet and get the heat treatment in an easy and comfortable manner.
  9. Memory Foam In-Between-the-Knee Pillow

    The Memory Foam In-Between-the-Knee Pillow is a firm leg wedge pillow that offers comfortable pressure relieving support.

  10. Hermell Knee Rest Wedge Cushion

    The White Knee Rest Wedge Cushion by Hermell is a comfortable and therapeutic pillow that provides outstanding lower back support when you are reclining. Ideal for those with back pain, this pillow has a wedge design that corrects the posture and helps to aligns the spine.

  11. Dr. Riter's REAL-EaSE Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

    Dr. Riter's Real Ease Neck and Shoulder Relaxer is one of the most comfortable, simple, and effective neck traction devices available. It relaxes your neck and shoulders by cradling your head and eliminates pain in those regions in a matter of seconds. The relaxer is small and compact and hence can be carried around to be used anywhere without any trouble.

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Orthopedic Products

Orthopedic products are designed to help relieve pain in specific parts of the body, aid in recovery from injuries, and improve your overall comfort. Orthopedics covers problems of the musculoskeletal system which practically includes the entire body, from the hip to the hand to foot and ankle. The musculoskeletal system includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves - everything that needs to be in ideal shape for you to move about comfortably. Doctor recommended orthopedics and orthopedic products can improve your overall quality of life and help you to live pain-free.

What is Orthopedics?

Orthopedics, or Orthopaedics, is defined as a branch of medicine in which surgeons specifically focus on issues related to the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons treat trauma, sports injuries, congenital disorders, diseases, tumors, and infections using both surgery and non-surgical means. Non-surgical means involves the use of orthopedic products recommended or sometimes designed by an orthopedic surgeon.

After a surgery, surgeons will often recommend orthopedic products for the patient to wear during recovery and rehabilitation, especially in the case of sports injuries. For athletes, the knee is the most common part of the body that requires orthopedic surgery and support. After orthopedic knee surgery, athletes will often wear a knee support such as the Ossur Form Fit Multifunctional Knee Brace or the Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support, which is used by Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team as well as other NBA players. Some knee braces, such as the ActiveWrap Knee Heat & Ice Wrap, incorporate hot and cold therapy into the brace for added therapeutic comfort. Orthopedic knee supports provide relief from pain, help to speed up recovery, and can help to prevent future sports injuries.

Orthopedics is not just limited to sports injuries, but can also be used treat workplace injuries and chronic conditions such as arthritis and back pain. The Bionic Golf Glove was designed by an orthopedic surgeon to specifically help those with arthritis enjoy playing golf again and help improve their game while the Carpal Mate Wrist Support was designed to help those with carpal tunnel syndrome work and type pain-free. Orthopedic back braces and supports help those who have suffered a back injury or who have to deal with chronic back pain.

Orthopedic Products Also Provide Comfort

Orthopedic products are not just for injuries - they can also be designed to help improve overall comfort while seated, standing, or even while sleeping. Orthopedic surgeons have designed numerous pillows, cushions, and wedges to give you added comfort and relieve pain in otherwise uncomfortable positions.

A good night"s sleep can be the difference between a productive and a non-productive day. Orthopedic pillows have been designed to help you sleep better and relieve pain in the neck and back from uncomfortable sleeping positions. The Mid Core Orthopedic Support Pillow supports neck vertebrae in a natural position, reducing nerve pressure on the neck which reduces muscle stress and tension, resulting in a more comfortable sleep. For those who spend time on airplanes, the Core Orthopedic Support Travel Pillow keeps your neck in an ideal position on those uncomfortable aircraft seats.

Orthopedic products also incorporate seating devices designed to help maintain your level of comfort while seated, whether you are in your car or at your desk. Seat cushions such as the Obusforme Ultra Seat Cushion provide added support and relief for your tailbone while the Fitball Wedge Balance Cushion aligns your hips into a proper position to relieve pressure from the lower back and activate your stomach muscles to help improve posture.

Your Orthopedic Store,

The Orthopedics and Orthopedic Products department offers some of the best choices of product solutions to help minimize pain, increase comfort, and help recover from injuries. Click any of the orthopedic product categories above to browse the wide selection of great orthopedics at low prices or click the articles below for more information.