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Ostomy Pastes, Powders, & Rings

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  1. Coloplast  Ostomy Paste

    Coloplast Ostomy Paste

    SKU: B10602x

    Starting at: $6.95

    Protects peristomal skin and extends pouch wear time. Learn More
  2. Stomahesive Protective Powder

    Stomahesive Protective Powder

    SKU: B11994


    Prevents leakage under skin barrier to extend wear time. Squeeze bottle. Learn More
  3. Hollister Karaya Powder

    Hollister Karaya Powder

    SKU: B10932x

    Starting at: $11.97

    Hollister Karaya Powder Learn More
  4. Hollister Adapt Paste

    Hollister Adapt Paste

    SKU: B10935x

    Starting at: $9.41

    Hollister Adapt Paste

    Caulk and fill skin crevices with this low alcohol paste. Hollister Adapt Paste is formulated with low alcohol which minimizes stinging. Soft easy-to-squeeze tube for people with limited dexterity. Easy-to-see red cap.

    Learn More
  5. Hollister Adapt Convex Barrier Rings

    Hollister Adapt Convex Barrier Rings

    SKU: B10938x


    Hollister Adapt Convex Barrier Rings Learn More
  6. Hollister  Premium Synthetic Powder

    Hollister Premium Synthetic Powder

    SKU: B10933


    Helps make skin surface dry and adherent Puff bottle. Learn More
  7. Hollister  Adapt Barrier Strips

    Hollister Adapt Barrier Strips

    SKU: B10937


    Can be cut, bent, and stacked together to improve the fit of the skin barrier. Can be stretched and molded to create custom shapes. Conforms to irregular skin folds and helps prevent skin erosion. Learn More
  8. Genairex Securiti-T Stoma Paste

    Genairex Securiti-T Stoma Paste

    SKU: B10773


    Genairex Securiti-T Stoma Paste Learn More
  9. ConvaTec  Stomahesive  Paste

    ConvaTec Stomahesive Paste

    SKU: B12036x

    Starting at: $11.11

    Protective skin barrier paste. Non sensitizing ingredients help prevent irritation. Provides optimum seal. Learn More
  10. Coloplast Skin Barrier Rings

    Coloplast Skin Barrier Rings

    SKU: B10601x

    Starting at: $62.95

    Coloplast Skin Barrier Rings Learn More
  11. Torbot Liquid Bonding Cement

    Torbot Liquid Bonding Cement

    SKU: B12193x

    Starting at: $19.99

    Torbot Liquid Bonding Cement Learn More
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11 Item(s)

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