Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy Equipment

Physical therapy products and equipment not only offer professionals the tools and equipment they need to effectively treat their patients using the latest technology, but in many cases allow those with injuries and physically inhibiting conditions the ability to give themselves physical therapy treatments at home. Whether the patient requires hot or cold therapy including infrared heat therapy, massage therapy, electrotherapy, or stretching exercises to help recover range of motion, physical therapy equipment can be purchased to suit their individual therapeutic needs.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a type of treatment provided by health care professionals to develop, maintain, and restore the body"s ability to move and function. When movement and function are affected by age, disease, injury, or even environmental factors, physical therapists and their assistants use a variety of physical therapy tools and equipment to maximize the patient"s ability to move. Using a patient"s medical history and a physical examination, PTs establish a management plan for the patient within the realm of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation, and rehabilitation. Whether pediatric or geriatric, orthopedic or neurological, physical therapy treatments and products have one goal in mind: to improve the patient"s quality of life.

Physical Therapy Products

Because physical therapy is a health field with a wide scope, physical therapy products fall under many different categories and types. Depending on the nature of the patient"s condition, a therapist may recommend use of a TENS device, electrical muscle stimulator, infrared heating pad, cold pack, or therapeutic massage. Each type of physical therapy equipment can be very useful in helping a patient overcome a physical ailment and regain or maintain range of motion. To view the different types of physical therapy products, click the pictures above.

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