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  • Pil-O-Splint


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The Pil-O-Splint is an easy to use wrist splint that is designed to help relieve pain in the wrist and hand. This wrist brace helps individuals who suffer from arthritis, tendonitis or stroke, as well as repetitive movements while using a computer or playing tennis.

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The extended length keeps fingers from moving, making it ideal for sleeping, while the option of buying the standard or adjustable splint allows users to choose what best suites their lifestyle. This comfortable brace is also ideal for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and helps relieve pain, numbness, and tingling. The Pil-O-Splint is made of soft, flannel-like lining that promotes warmth and circulation and the built-in dorsal rigid stays immobilizes the forearm, hand, wrist and fingers. These braces allow the palm to rest on a small pillow filled with ergoBeads® technology while the hand and wrist remain in a neutral position supported by two rigid splints. The Pil-O-Splint offers a reversible fit for right or left hand and is washable. You'll always appreciate the substance and reliability of buying from! Pil-O-Splint Features: Ideal for treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, forearm tendonitis,ore repetitive stress injuries Easy to wear, soft and comfortable Palm View more

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the pil-o-splint works ! My Dr. suggested sleeping/napping with it. I use it every night .I sleep better and haveless bouts with pain and numbness. 5yrs later and i'm still thanking my Doctor for suggesting an alternative to surgery. PS I'm a letter carrier by trade.
Review by Paul Thompson on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
I purchased this item for my husband. He suffered two strokes two years ago and sustained nerve damage in his left hand and forearm. When he sleeps the Pil-O-Splint supports the area and he says that it makes it feel secure. Whatever makes him happy.
Review by mark barth on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
I should have gotten a larger size tho', since it's a bit tight. But still great!
Review by LorraIne Lofaso on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
I was given this product 4 days ago by my doctor. My hand was still falling asleep in the crop-up splints that you buy in the pharmacy. Since wearing this brace, my hand does fall asleep, but not to the severity as the orginal splint. This product is more comfortable and I feel that the support that I receive from it is more that the others. I really like this brace. The only draw back that I have View more
Review by Jeffrey Scott on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM

4 Item(s)

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