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Emergency Supplies

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Emergency Supplies

Non-preppers are people that do not prepare for any inconveniences in their daily lives due to unseen emergencies. They do not stock pile extra water or food or safety supplies and if an emergency should arise they must rely on rescue workers for their survival. Preppers act in the opposite manner by buying emergency supplies and storing useful items such as food, water, power generators and basic first aid supplies just in case of natural or political emergency. Preppers are prepared for an emergency situation and this situation does not have to be the end of the world. It could be something as common as losing power due to a heavy storm or being stranded due to mechanical failure or accident of a vehicle. The term prepper comes from the word preparation. So unlike the general population, preppers are preparing for a disruption of the normal distribution of food, water, electrical power and even medical treatment.

Preppers VS Survivalists

Preppers and survivalists are terms used synonymously however the two personality types can be polar opposites.


This group of people can be generalized as normal everyday people that like living in their community. They enjoy the modern conveniences that come with living in a modern society defined by laws and social contacts. Preppers have just come to the realization that there might be an emergency crisis sometime in future and they should not be reliant on the state or national government for assistance. They feel the need and obligation to protect themselves and family in times of crisis. They do not wish to go live in the wilderness or live off the land they just want to be prepared for any temporary loss of necessities such as food, water and medical attention. Preppers buy emergency survival kits and try to be self-efficient for 3-4 days which has been the average time of recovery/rescue after major disasters. They look as preparation for emergency events as a beneficial and potentially lifesaving hobby.


Survivalists on the other hand tend to be a little more extreme in their preparation for future emergency events. They store food, water and they buy emergency preparation kits just like the Preppers do, however they tend to stock pile more guns ammo and other protective weapons. They usual keep their survival kits and other emergency items in survival bags. Their bags are sometimes referred to as (BOB) "Bug Out Bags" or (GOOD) "Get Out Of Dodge" bags. Unlike emergency preppers, survivalists train for living off land. Real survivalists actually train to live without modern economic and societal conveniences. Whereas a prepper might buy "prepper survival kit" that will last 3-4 days, A survivalist kit may have enough food and supplies to last several months. Extreme survivalist, train for a complete societal meltdown and train to live off the land entirely.

While some doomsday preppers might receive some-kind of emergency training survivalist go further. They seek out training on how to living off the land and surviving in the wilderness. They also usually place an emphasis on firearms, weapons and hand to hand combat training. There is also a gender difference between preppers and survivalists. Most survivalists tend to be male with very few women claim to be survivalist (Note To Survivalist: Bring a Woman). However preppers have a more balance gender membership with many more women claiming to be preppers.

Prepper Supply Kits

The C.E.R.T. Deluxe Action Response Unit is a prepper supply kit that would provide any community emergency response team with the resources they need to handle any emergency.

Drinking Water Tablets A must for any prepper supply kit In case of an emergency you are going to need an easy and reliable water purification method. When used as directed, the neutralizing, water treatment tablets make water suspected of bacteriological contamination, suitable for human consumption. A must have in case of emergency.

Emergency Supply Kits

If your car breaks down in freezing weather how will you survive? An emergency supply kit is essential for anyone driving in cold weather situations. This pre-made emergency roadside kit provides items beneficial to any roadside emergency that occurs in a cold weather environment.

Prepping for yourself and family members in case of an automotive emergency is easy with the Economy Road Warrior Automotive Kit. If you"re in an accident this roadside kit contains items that would assist in most common automotive emergencies.

So really to be a true survivalist you have to be more extreme on the time you are willing to live without any support. Also most of us would need to leave our current urban location and make our way to the wilderness. You might need to build up your arsenal as well to graduate from prepper to survivalist

So are you a Prepper? Or a Survivalist?

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  1. 4 n 1 Dynamo Radio with Light

    4 n 1 Dynamo Radio with Light

    SKU: A23727x

    Starting at: $34.95

  2. Mayday Survival Knife

    Mayday Survival Knife

    SKU: A23731x

    Starting at: $46.99

    This is the knife to have. Mere possession of this knife negates the need for all other utensils in your house. The Mayday Survival Knife-which moonlights as a signal mirror-features a six-inch polished steel sawtooth blade and a convenient bottle opener on the back edge of its high-impact ABS hollow handle.

    Learn More
  3. Mini S.T.A.R.T. First Aid Kit

    Mini S.T.A.R.T. First Aid Kit

    SKU: A23715x

    Starting at: $998.95

    The Mini S.T.A.R.T. First Aid Kit features items applicable to the "Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment" method used by first responders to evaluate and treat victims efficiently and effectively during a mass casualty incident.

    Learn More
  4. No Rinse Hair Conditioner

    No Rinse Hair Conditioner

    SKU: A22993x

    Starting at: $2.88

    No Rinse Hair Conditioner is the perfect complement to their No Rinse Shampoo. This product nourishes and heals your hair all without the use of water or rinsing, plus its alcohol free formula will not dry out your hair.

    Learn More

  5. No Rinse Outdoor Body Bath

    No Rinse Outdoor Body Bath

    SKU: A22994x

    Starting at: $0.99

    No Rinse Outdoor Body Bath Learn More
  6. No Rinse Outdoor Body Wash

    No Rinse Outdoor Body Wash

    SKU: A22995x

    Starting at: $1.19

    The No Rinse Outdoor Body Wash is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast that needs a way to quickly and effectively bathe themselves while out on the trails.

    Learn More
  7. Northern Lights Light Sticks

    Northern Lights Light Sticks

    SKU: A23728x

    Starting at: $39.95

    The lightweight glow light serves as both a reliable safety device and a flashy mechanism of fun frivolity. These bright little wonders of science and nature have been serving mankind in various capacities in the 25 years since their initial inception.

    Learn More
  8. Outdoorsman Survival Kit

    Outdoorsman Survival Kit

    SKU: A23714 01

    Starting at: $1,499.95

  9. Potable Aqua Water Purificiation Tablets

    Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets

    SKU: A23733x

    Starting at: $38.95

    Potable Aqua Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets from ActiveForever are intended for emergency disinfection of drinking water. They were created specifically as an easy and reliable water purification method for anyone needing to drink water of questionable bacteriological quality.

    Learn More
  10. Roadside Automotive Kit

    Roadside Automotive Kit

    SKU: A23704

    Starting at: $31.95

  11. Smart Kit with First Aid

    Smart Kit with First Aid

    SKU: A23721x

    Starting at: $1,349.95

    The Smart Kit with First Aid comes with a variety of items that you would find useful in most any emergency or first aid situation.

    Learn More
  12. Solar/Dynamo Voyager AM/FM Weather Band w/ Flashlight

    Solar/Dynamo Voyager AM/FM Weather Band w/ Flashlight

    SKU: A23711x

    Starting at: $55.95

    Wow! The Solar/Dynamo Voyager AM/FM Weather Band w/ Flashlight is one of the finest emergency radios we have ever seen!

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