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Pride Mobility is the world’s leading brand in designing and manufacturing of mobility products which includes mobility scooters, power lift chairs, vehicle lifts, and ramps. The brand offers various products which help making your life not only better, but also comfortable and convenient. The company focuses on customer satisfaction and guarantees 100% reliability.

The Pride Mobility Rubber Threshold Ramps are long lasting and slip resistant. They can be used in bathrooms, front and rear doors, anywhere that has a threshold that is difficult to get over. They have been designed to provide safety in the home as well as outside. The interlocking feature allows 5 pieces to be joined together at a time providing a sloping access of up to 3 inches. Those in wheelchairs, power chairs, and mobility scooters use these types of ramps.

The Pride Mobility Outlander Exterior Power Wheelchair Lift is designed to offer mobility to power chair and scooter users. These lifts are easy to use and very durable. It’s very easy to install the lift to your vehicle with little to no modifications and it can be removed easily after use. Wheel chocks are adjustable and help locking the scooter and ramp to provide safety. The advanced drive-on and drive-off platform helps user to move in any direction which makes it more convenient for parking, etc. The 12V DC motor is very powerful and can lift a wide range of scooter models.

Next are the Pride Mobility Scooters which have been designed to provide independence along with convenience and safety. The tires are made of low profile non-marking rubber which does not leave scuff marks on your floors while using it indoors. The Pride Mobility Scooters come with various models to suit to the requirements of all types of customers. One can opt for either a 3-wheeled or 4-wheeled scooter and the wide range of scooters differ in their speed, capacity, features and mileage, thus providing you many options to choose from. One of the many innovative features added to this product range is the high intensity LED headlights which provide bright illumination helping to conserve battery power for years. To increase accuracy, the battery meter also has LED light. In addition, most of these scooters come apart in 3 or more pieces for easy transport.

The Pride Lift Chairs are available in wide range of colors, fabrics, and sizes depending on your needs. The chairs come with special state-of-the-art lift system which helps you easily to recline backwards for a sound sleep or relaxation. These chairs have been incorporated with an emergency battery backup system which helps you to exit the chair in the event of a power failure. The seats have different types of cushioning such as the Pride SR525L Infinite-Position "Zero Gravity" Serta comes with gel memory foam that provides amazing cooling along with comfort. The technically designed and placed coil springs and no-sag spring base feature makes it durable and exceptionally comfortable.

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Pride Mobility

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