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You're reviewing: Saebo Stretch Hand Splint - SaeboStretch

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Review by on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM

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Important Note: The Saebo Stretch Hand Splint must be shipped to your Physical Therapist, Orthotist or Prosthetist for fitting.

Therapists agree that this is a great hand splint for stroke patients. Featuring proprietary stretch technology, the SaeboStretch allows your fingers to move through flexion. In addition, it uses a low-load long duration stretch (slow stretch) to return your fingers to the desired position. Ideal for stroke survivors, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals, the SaeboStretch can help protect joints and extend range of motion.


Current post-stroke devices on the market today use a static hand piece to address the dynamic hand. As the dynamic hand tries to move through flexion (flexion is a position made possible by the joint angle decreasing), the unbending static hand piece causes the PIP (proximal IP joint ) to flex and the DIP (distal IP joint ) to hyperextend. The result is joint damage, deformities, hypermobility and contractures.

Versatile and comfortable, the SaeboStretch Hand Splint features three grades of varying resistance so that medical professionals can achieve a personalized fit. An anatomical strapping system and a malleable mount for the thumb and wrist further expand options for customization. Non-slip straps and special padding are comfortable while securing the hand in proper position and a unique Breeth-o-Preen covering wicks away moisture, preventing skin irritation. If you want regain independence while protecting your joints, buy the Saebo Stretch Hand Splint from today!

SaeboStretch Hand Splint Features:

  • Strapping system uses anatomical points of control
  • Three interchangeable hand pieces with a different resistance
  • Prevents joint damage and offers the therapist more options
  • Addresses soft tissue shortening, hypertonicity and hypermobility
  • Less pain and joint damage
  • Patent pending strapping system
  • Keeps the fingers right where you want them
  • Prevents deformities of the hands due to stroke
  • Increases ease and independence

Saebo Stretch Hand Splint Specifications:

  • Velcro Strapping
  • Strapping is rubber-backed
  • Slots and Cuts ensure proper fit
  • Non-Skid Material
  • Prevents Velcro-Strap Interlock
  • Interchangeable hand pieces (three)
  • A Palmer Pad supports the Palmer Arch

Saebo Stretch Hand Splint Power Point Presentation

SaeboStretch Sizing Instructions:

  • Measure across the proximal phalanges of digits 2-5 just proximal to the PIP joints. Please make sure the fingers are in the adducted position. Do not wrap the tape down the lateral or medial side of the hand.
    • Small: 2 1/4" to 2 3/4"
    • Medium: 2 3/4" to 3 1/4"
    • Large: 3 1/4 " to 4"
  • Important Note: The Saebo Stretch Hand Splint must be shipped to your Physical Therapist, Orthotist or Prosthetist for fitting.

Warranty: 30 day warranty

Returns: Due to the hygiene or rehabilitation nature of this product, it is non-returnable. Please refer to ActiveForevers return policy for more detailed information.

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  • Saebo Stretch Hand Splint - SaeboStretch
  • Saebo Stretch Hand Splint - SaeboStretch

Saebo Stretch Hand Splint - SaeboStretch

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The Saebo Stretch Hand Splint is an innovative and dynamic hand splint that utilizes a strapping device (with rubber backing) to immobilize and stretch the fingers straight.