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Scooter & Power Chair Lifts

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Mobility Scooter Lifts

Taking your mobility scooter with you when you travel has never been easier. Active Forever offers a wide range of mobility lifts and carriers so you can take your electric wheelchair or scooter with you. You can choose from manual or electric operation. Instead of trying to stuff your scooter in the trunk or inside the car you can have a convenient and easy to operate lift system installed to the exterior of your car,van or SUV. When you are going into a busy location loading and unloading your mobility aid can be a little stressful. Electric lifts can elevate that stress because the total operation of loaded and unloaded with a push of a button.

Harmar Mobility Scooter Lift

The most popular exterior scooter lift on the market, the Harmar Mobility Scooter Lift provides an effective way to safely and securely transport a mobility scooter. Unlike other scooter lifts, the Harmar Scooter Lift utilizes an innovative "hold down arm" capable of securing nearly every scooter available on the market today. This fully automatic scooter lift offers virtually effortless operation, and is compatible with Class II and III hitches.

With overall function in mind, this lightweight Scooter Lift was specially designed to automatically fold up (flat) against your vehicle to improve gas mileage via decreased wind resistance from the lift. The large aluminum deck is secure and durable, with a heavy duty 350 pound lifting capacity

Home Wheelchair Lifts

Stairs can be challenging and very dangerous to a wheelchair bound individual. Active Forever all carries a wide range of wheelchair lifts designed for home use. It"s like having your own private elevator in your own home.

The Harmar Residential Vertical Platform Lift was designed to provide individuals with mobility limitations the freedom of access to their house and home. Essentially a personal elevator, the Harmar Residential Platform Lift offers smooth, controlled access to elevated buildings, porches and other raised structures safely and at a very economical price.

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