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Aquatics Fitness Equipment & Swimming Pool Accessories

Aquatic Fitness is an excellent form of exercise to help keep you healthy and trim without all the impact on the joints. With all the innovative products on the market now, virtually anyone can exercise for therapy, weight loss, or to just switch up your exercise routine.

Assistance in the Pool

For people with disabilities, there are products, such as pool lifts, aquatic wheel chairs, and pool ladders that are there to help them enjoy the pool or spa and their therapeutic benefits. The Aqua Creek Scout Pool Lift assists those with getting into the water. Available in stationary or portable, pool or spa, these lifts are After you are in the water, use the AquaTrek Aquatic Wheel Chair for support and comfort. The Aqua Trek Pool Ladder and AquaTrek Pool Steps are ideal for those who can walk, but need a little extra assistance entering the pool. 

Basic Water Exercise

For basic water exercises there are many products that can be used to take you workout to the next level. The AquaJogger Fitness System includes everything you need to get in tone shape your entire body, from the buoyancy belt that keeps you afloat in the water, hand and ankle "weights" that provide extra resistance when moving through the water. In addition, if you like to swim laps, there are the FINIS Z2 Gold Zoomers swim fins. These fins come in kids to adult sizes and provide efficient forward propulsion. The Home Simmer Portable Stationary Swimming System provides a low-impact cardiovascular aquatic workout and is portable enough to travel with. 

Injuries and Swimming

After an injury, the doctor may direct you to do exercise in the water. The Uniband Latex Free Resistance Bands are ideal for stretching in the pool. They are durable, resistant to pool chemicals, and come in 5 levels of resistance. Just because you have an injury that is covered by a bandage or cast, doesn't mean you cannot get into the water. There are several cast covers/bandage protectors on the market, such as the XerSox Waterproof Cast Cover, Dry Pro Waterproof Cast and Bandage Protector, and the Nova Reusable Cast Protector

Keeping Track and Improving

The Aqua Pulse Swimmer Heart Rate Monitor by FINIS is small device that clips to the ear lob allowing the user to keep track of their heart rate. It is completely submergible and waterproof and audibly transmits heart rate. The FINIS Temp Trainer Pro a compact device that is worn on the ear and beeps in an interval you select helping you improve your timing. There are 3 different modes and now includes a strokes/strides per minute mode. The AQx Aquatic Training Shoes give you the traction for under-water running. Use them as a method of rehabilitation from a running-related or musculoskeletal injury or for supplemental training. Made of high quality neoprene and a 100% rubber sole, these shoes provide comfort while you are training or rehabilitating.


Music can be a great motivator. Listen to your favorite music while you swim with the SwimMP3 Neptune Waterproof MP3 Player. This player provides users with exceptional underwater sound clarity during training sessions or a leisurely swim. The 8 hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery charges directly from your USB port, while Mac and PC compatibility allow users to easily drag and drop any MP3, AAC, or WMA files directly on to the device.