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Pool Alarms

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Pool Alarm Systems & Equipment

Pool Alarms

Keeping young children and pets safe is a number one priority. The Safety Turtle Pool Alarm consists of a child wristband (or pet adapter), base unit, and gate alarm sensor (all sold separately). When the child or family pet enters the pool, the Safety Turtle Pool Alarm will sound alerting you to the situation. One base station works with several wristbands and the loud alarm tone is easily heard from the house. 

The Pooleye Pool Alarm is availabine in above- or in-ground pool options and features a patented underwater wave detector, protecting your pool and eliminating false alarms due to wind or rain. An loud audible alarm is activated as soon as an object weight 15 pounds or more enters the pool. The sensitivity can be adjusted and it is simple to instead and operate. 

Fences and Gates

The Water Warden Pool Safety Fence protects your children and pets as they play around the pool area. It is simple to put and and take down and the mesh material in between the frame is UV treated with reinforced edging. All hardware is included and each adjustable section comes in 12 foot increments. The Water Warden Self Closing Gate can be added in between the fence for security and convenience keeping inquisitive children from entering the pool area. With a Magna Latch lock and 2 Tru Close Hinges, the gate with re-closes, and stay closed, each time you go through it and comes in 48" or 60" heights by 30" width.


Pool lights are great for back yard summer night parties or night swimming. The NiteLighter Underwater Pool Light works with above-ground pools with rigid walls. Available in 50 or 100 watts and a clear or multicolored lens. The lens is chemical-resistant and installs easily with no draining or drilling. The Aurora Halogen Light with Return is a 12 volt light that installs directly into your pools return line and also works with above-ground pools and installs with no cutting. The NightBrite Pool Light for Intex Pools workes with soft-sided above-ground pools with 2" frames or smaller. The patented reflector design makes your pool sparkle and lens is chemical resistant.

Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners help keep your pool free of debris and scum. They can be used to clean all types of surfaces such as vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. The SmartKleen Floor and Cover Pool Cleaner and SmartPool Climber Wall Climbing Robotic Pool Cleaner both have direct-drive motors that provide greater traction and zero-turning radius. The quick-drain system makes it lightweight for easy pool removal the filter bag has an extra-large capacity. Keep your pool shiny clean with these state-of-the art pool cleaners.

Solar Heater

Now you can swim when the weather gets cool  with the Solar Arc Solar Pool Heater. This unit heats your above-ground pool without the need for electricity so there absolutely no operational costs. The simple DIY installation goes into your existing filtration system and you can install multiple units to get the warmest water possible. The built in legs tilt the unit to gather the most sunlight and allow flexibility in where you can install the unit.