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Electrolyte Replacement

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Gatorade Sports Drink

Gatorade sports drink is the most recognized name in the sports drink market. Gatorade is currently made by PepsiCo and sent to thirsty athletes in over 80 countries around the world. The beverage was created in 1965 by researchers under a Federal Grant at the University of Florida. Their mission was to create a sport beverage that would replace the loss of water, carbohydrates, and electrolytes student-athletes lost by sweating during sporting activities in Florida"s hot humid climate. The sports drink"s name "Gatorade" came from the school"s mascot the Florida Gator. The drink comes in ready to drink, liquid concentrate and powdered forms.

Replace Electrolytes Gatorade Concentrate and Powder Mix

The concentrate powdered Gatorade is the choice for most sports teams and special sporting events. When you have dozens or even thousands of people to keep hydrated the Gatorade Concentrate and Powdered Mix is by far the easiest to move and distribute among athletes and spectators. Another great thing about ordering Gatorade in powder and concentrate form is there is virtually no waste you make and cool what is needed.

Buying Gatorade by the case From

The Gatorade 1 Gallon Liquid Concentrate is for athletes who like their flavor to hit as hard as they do, there"s Gatorade Fierce. The liquid concentrate comes in a full-line-up of bold flavors and the same winning formula as the original drink.

Gatorade Instant Powder Packs Gatorade helps maintain optimum health and performance during prolonged physical exertion. Use Gatorade to help replace lost fluids and electrolytes, supply energy to tired muscles and lower the internal body temperature. Buy the Gatorade Instant Powder Packs from ActiveForever today!