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Exercise Equipment

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Exercise equipment for health and fitness

ActiveForever is a provider of top quality home and professional grade fitness products. We have exercise equipment to meet any fitness goal. If you are just starting a workout or a seasoned athlete, the health and fitness experts at ActiveForever offer a wide range of equipment to complement any workout regimen.

If you are just starting back into a fitness routine you are probably going to need to start with some basic exercises. Jumping rope is a longtime favorite and is exercise dating back to the middle ages. This is a great exercise that you can do at home. It is beneficial as a cardio vascular exercise as well as building up hand eye coordination. See more heart healthy products in the cardio exercise equipment section.

You can get back to the basics with an all-inclusive home gym designed to work major muscle groups in addition to providing a cardio workout. When using the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus you can do pull-ups, tricep dips, pushups, sit ups and more. We think it is Fantastic!

Looking to get stronger and tone up? We have some of the most popular weight training items. We have carry weights and dumbbell sets that most people are familiar with. We also carry new hi-tech exercise equipment like the DKN Technology Xg10 Pro Whole Body Vibration Trainer scientifically proven to help burn fat and build lean muscle. See some of the latest work out technology in our whole body Vibration section.

Water based exercise and fitness routines

Were you a fish in another life? Do you like the benefits that exercising in water brings? If you are a fish, tadpole or lobster ActiveForever has the exercise equipment to support your aquatic fitness life style.

Swimmers will enjoy these fantastic looking FINIS Zoomers Fit Swim Fins enhancing your kick and making laps more enjoyable. If you the passion of runner and value the health benefits of exercising in water We have the perfect product for you. The Incline Aquatic Underwater Treadmill by Aquabilt is a company favorite. One of the key benefits of this product is that it is great for strength and condition training with little risk for injury. While enjoying your perfect water workout nothing helps pass the time and motivate you than listening to your favorite musical play list. Now you can take your iPod or MP3 player with you.

Ok not everyone is looking to achieve the muscle and bulk of a professional body builder or endurance of a triathlete. Some of our favorite customers focus on working the mind and body through Yoga or Pilates. Pilates and Yoga are two of the most popular fitness workouts. However, many people confuse the two exercises and are not sure what the differences between Pilates and Yoga really are. We asked Debbie a local Yoga instructor to explain the major difference between the two. Basically Yoga is holistic exercise performed on a Yoga mat. A Yoga fitness program encompasses diet, meditation, breathing techniques, religious diktat with a moral code; Pilates is more analogous to more common forms of exercise similar to aerobic fitness routines and body sculpting techniques. For those individuals looking to start on a Pilate’s workout we carry a top selling DVD series from Marjolein Brugmanone of the biggest names in fitness. Check out Stamina Intro to AeroPilates DVD with Marjolein Brugman Today.

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  1. Aerobiciser Upper Body Exerciser

    Aerobiciser Upper Body Exerciser

    SKU: A24611


    Aerobiciser Upper Body Exerciser Learn More
  2. AgSilver CleanMat Hot Yoga Mat

    AgSilver CleanMat Hot Yoga Mat

    SKU: A16617x


    The AgSilver CleanMat Hot Yoga Mat is designed with a built-in anti-microbial protection to provide users with a hygienic exercise mat. This patented silver technology by Agion helps keep the CleanMat free of odors typically caused by bacteria and fungus. This special process encapsulates the antimicrobial agents into the fibers of the CleanMat in such a way that they do not wash off and last for the life of the mat.

    Learn More
  3. Cando Fitness Resistance Band 5 Roll Storage Rack

    Cando Fitness Resistance Band 5 Roll Storage Rack

    SKU: A11034


    The Cando Fitness Resistance Band 5 Roll Storage Rack is a deluxe 5 bin organizing rack designed to hold up to 5 50-yard rolls of exercise bands.

    Learn More
  4. Chair Aerobics for Everyone DVD Videos

    Chair Aerobics for Everyone DVD Videos

    SKU: A17434x


    The Chair Aerobics for Everyone DVD Videos are a fun, safe and effective way of exercising. Great for all ages and for all fitness levels, a Chair Aerobics DVD is ideal for individuals with limited mobility as well as those with higher fitness levels looking to exercise while sitting for long periods of time in an office.

    Learn More
  5. Chest Expander

    Chest Expander

    SKU: A24333


    The Chest Expander from is a high quality training and exercise device used to promote upper body strength and flexibility.

    Learn More
  6. DOD Fitness Kit

    DOD Fitness Kit

    SKU: A25574x

    Starting at: $34.99

    The DOD Fitness Kit comes with everything you need for your neck, wrists and knees. Whether you are doing basic fitness, yoga, pilates, physical therapy, relaxation, or massage, this kit will support, stabilize and cushion the knees, reduce stress and press on wrists, and prevent and reduce neck pain while lying on the back.

    Learn More
  7. DOD Fitness Neck Circle

    DOD Fitness Neck Circle

    SKU: A25573x

    Starting at: $7.99

    The DOD Fitness Neck Circle provides a cushioned base of support for the head, placing the neck in a biomechanically correct position.

    Learn More
  8. DOD Fitness Wrist Wedges

    DOD Fitness Wrist Wedges

    SKU: A25571x

    Starting at: $17.99

    DOD Fitness Wrist Wedges are unique foam cushions that are ergonomically designed to support and reduce stress on the wrist during weight bearing exercises such as push­ups and planks.

    Learn More
  9. Door Pull Up and Dip Bar

    Door Pull Up and Dip Bar

    SKU: A24364


    The Door Pull Up and Dip Bar is an easy to use fitness tool designed to maximize your workout routine.

    Learn More
  10. DuroMed Fitness Mini Stepper Exerciser

    DuroMed Fitness Mini Stepper Exerciser

    SKU: A12935


    The DuroMed Fitness Mini Stepper Exerciser is a compact, sturdy stepper ideal for toning the waist, hips, calves, and thighs. The compact design and included features like the unique adjustable tension pulley system and built-in computerized step tracker make the DuroMed Fitness Mini Stepper Exerciser a high-quality home exercise device.

    Learn More
  11. FINIS Foil Monofin

    FINIS Foil Monofin

    SKU: A23604x


    The FINIS Foil Monofin is an innovative and safe training fin that helps swimmers learn the underwater dolphin kick by encouraging them to use the powerful foil body movement technique.

    Learn More
  12. Fitter First Softboard Balance Boards

    Fitter First Softboard Balance Boards

    SKU: A21250x

    Starting at: $99.99

    Fitter First Softboard Balance Boards Learn More
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