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Balance Exercise

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Balance Exercises

Incorporating balance exercise in your home workout can strengthen your core muscles and keep your feet on the ground - safe from slips and falls. Balance exercise includes using balance boards, balance pads, balance discs, and many more options!

We all know working out can have positive effect on health. Did you know that the right exercise routine can really help prevent slips and falls as well? A harmless tumble can quickly become very serious and may cause severe injuries and even death. Most catastrophic falls happen partly due to a lack of a proper function in the hip muscles. Without the proper core exercises, stabilizer muscles in the body can grow weak and lack the strength needed to keep you in proper balance. When the muscles are weak, they don"t function as well, so the body can get too far out of balance and increase the risk of falling. Using balance exercises, you can train your body"s core muscles to help your body correct itself and maintain proper balance and alignment throughout the day.

Fall Statistics by the National Floor Safety Institute

    For mature people aged 65-84 years, falls are the 2nd leading cause of injury-related death as you get older those aged 85 years or older, falls are the leading cause of injury-related death.
    Falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause of visits (21.3%). Slips and falls account for over 1 million visits, or 12% of total falls.
    Half of all accidental deaths in the home are caused by a fall. Most fall injuries in the home happen at ground level, not from an elevation.

Core Muscles and Balancing Your Body

Having a hard time walking that laundry up the stairs? Are you not feeling as balanced as you once were when you step in and out of the shower? You don"t have to be elderly to start feeling like you"re losing your balance and coordination. It can happen at any age and will do so, as the body matures. According to the American Council on Exercise, a strong core muscle group is also responsible for your sense of balance. "Balance not only requires equilibrium, but also good stability of the core muscles and the joints, particularly the hip, knee, and ankle," says the spokesman, Leigh Crews.

At we stock a wide range of balance exercise equipment. If you are looking to improve your body"s ability to balance itself, core training and stability training is a must. We have exercise equipment specially designed to improve your balance and core stability. Balance equipment includes balance boards, stability balls, balancing bars and fitness equipment to practice forms of mind body training such as yoga and Pilates.

Balance Boards

The Bongo Balance Board is a balance trainer designed to work your abs and core muscles through the principles of balance training. Fun to use, the Fitter First Bongo Board enables you to integrate balance training into your daily fitness routine and can help keep those little twists or slips from becoming painful injuries.

The FitterFirst Softboard Balance Boards revolutionize balance training by providing a comprehensive assortment of wobble, rocker and coordination bases and tables. Specially designed to increase core stability and improve balance, these unique boards give you the sensation of floating on a cushion of air.

More Balance Related Exercise Equipment

Physioball Maxafe Gym Ball - These balance balls are trusted by physical therapists and personal trainers throughout the U.S. These balls are a great way to improve your body"s balance. Every ability level can benefit from the stability training the FitBALL exercise ball offers.

Gymnastik Standard Swiss Ball - These strong, resilient plastic balls are indispensable for a wide range of uses in fitness and therapy. These body balance ball helps you to improve your core muscle strengthen these muscles are responsible for balancing your body and are the first ever burst proof fitness balls. Active Forever is pleased to bring these balls to you at once again the lowest possible price.

The Stamina Aero Pilates Pro XP 557 Pilates Reformer Machine is an in-home or commercial grade piece of exercise equipment. It consists of a spring system with different resistance levels set up on a platform that you can lay on, sit on or do various other exercises from. This is a great exercise machine that helps to work the mind and body.