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Exercise Balls

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Have A Ball While Strengthening Core Muscles!

Exercise Balls

Exercise balls also known as Swiss balls and body balls, are used for both core exercising and physical therapy. Balancing on a ball chair will help with muscle training and improving core strength. You use more muscles on an exercise ball than you would ordinarily use doing the same exercises lying down on a weight bench or standing. Exercise balls force muscles to provide a stabilizing effect thus providing more muscle stimulation.

When these balls are used with physical therapy rehab exercises, they can be referred to as therapy balls and encourage flexibility, coordination and balance. These body balls can also be used in sports medicine, Pilates, aerobics, yoga and other exercise routines when the focus is working on core strength and flexibility. Since they are cheap and inexpensive these exercise balls are perfect for anyone who is interested in stretching, improving posture and strengthening the core muscles group.

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Ball Chairs

This is a chair specially designed for an exercise ball. Sitting on a ball chair while at home or work will improve flexibility, coordination, balance and core strength. When you are sitting on a ball chair, your muscles are continually making small adjustments to keep balanced. The smaller muscles are working to maintain balance so they are also working the larger group of muscles. By strengthening your body"s core muscle group you help improve your posture, have better balance and guard against back injuries. Sitting on a Ball chairAllows you to multitask you can work on improving your core strength while performing every day actives including work!

    Forces proper spine alignment
    Stretches and strengths your core muscles
    Improves your balance
    Gives you a nice ab workout
    Improves your circulation
    Burn calories, around 350 a day!

A ball chair is cheap, fun and healthy. What more could you ask for?

Top Selling Exercise Balls

Physioball Maxafe Gym Ball - Trusted by physical therapists and personal trainers throughout the U.S. and across the globe, every ability level can benefit from the stability challenge the FitBALL exercise ball offers for flexibility, strength and aerobic training.

Gymnastik Standard Swiss Ball - These strong, resilient plastic balls are indispensable for a wide range of uses in fitness, therapy as well as therapeutic seating at the office, home or school. These balls are the first ever burst proof fitness balls. Active Forever is pleased to bring these balls to you at once again the lowest possible price.

Top Selling Exercise Ball Chairs

It is the best office chair that you will ever own! Incorporating all the standard features of an office chair with the added fitness benefits of an exercise ball, The Cando Fitness Stability Ball Chair is a unique and innovative fitness aid designed to provide the support and security necessary to sit on a fitness ball throughout the workday.

The Evolution Exercise Ball Chair is an ergonomic, mobile seating system that combines the benefits of ball therapy and adds the stability and convenience of a chair base. Designed to strengthen the back and body muscles, the Evolution Exercise Ball Chair promotes better health through "active sitting".

Making a life changing commitment to improve your core muscles does not take a lot of money and finding the right exercise equipment to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget is easy when you shop at