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Water Exercise

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Exercising in Water

Exercising in water can have enormous health benefits. Whether you are a swimming or prefer to use water based fitness equipment like the Aquajogger, water exercise offers the same benefits of other exercise programs. Whether you"re rehabbing an injury, suffering from painful arthritis, have a heart ailment, edema or just trying to lose a few pounds, an aquatic exercise program can take your fitness to another level.

Benefits of Water Exercising

Exercising in water with an innovated product like the Aquajogger, improves muscular strength and endurance, increases flexibility, improves cardiovascular fitness, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and even helps reduce body fat. Clinical studies have shown that because the buoyancy of water reduces the weight of a person by 90 percent, there is less stress on the back, hips, knees and ankles when exercising in water. You can turn any back yard swimming pool in a fitness paradise. To benefit from water exercising all you need is the right pool fitness equipment. This can be anything from swim fins to an underwater treadmill to an Aqua jogger system.


Aquajogging "running in water" is a great way to exercise and get you closer to your health and fitness goals. Running in the water, is highly beneficial for cross training for runners and an excellent way to deal with and prevent injuries. If you"re getting over an injury, aqua-jogging can allow you to recover without losing fitness. As a runner, water running is a great way to work on strengthening your running form and cardio fitness without increasing the pounding on your joints an individual receives running on hard street surfaces.

To incorporate water running into any pool or water based exercise program, you will need the right aquatic exercise equipment such as a floatation vest or belt. This helps to keep your body afloat while allowing you to perform a running motion.

The AquaJogger Pro Buoyancy Belt is a soft and comfortable elastic belt designed to aid with water workouts. The patented contoured shape is designed to help support and strengthen the lower back and keep the body vertical and afloat.

The AquaJogger® AquaRunners RX are lower body exercise tools that provide resistance during water exercise so you can tone up without strain. These easy-to-use AquaRunners feature a slip-on design with a strapping system that is easily adjustable to the width of a foot and is equipped with a floating heel strap.

The AquaJogger Men"s Fitness System is designed to allow men to benefit from water workouts without added strains. By using buoyancy and water resistance, the AquaJogger Fitness System is able tone and strengthen the body

Swimmers, Pool Exercise equipment

The FINIS Z2 Gold Zoomers are fitness-oriented swim gear that promotes increased muscle and cardiovascular strength while maintaining a comfortable fit. An innovative Flex Box works on the up-kick to build muscle strength in the hamstrings, glutes and supporting areas.

The Home Swimmer Portable Stationary Swimming System is Easy to install. The Stationary Swimming System enables you to enjoy a low-impact cardiovascular swimming workout virtually anywhere and can be used in all types of pools.

The FINIS Freestyle Snorkel is an innovative piece of swimming fitness gear that allows users to train or exercise using the freestyle stroke while keeping perfect body positioning. Engineered with a curved shape that allows swimmers to keep their eyes down, the Freestyle Snorkel encourages a stress-free alignment of the back, neck and shoulders so competitors can focus on developing an efficient, propulsive stroke. This really is a beneficial piece of fitness equipment for triathletes, sprinters and longer-distance swimmers.

From Aquajoggers to underwater treadmills Active Forever offers the best pool fitness equipment and accessories your aquatic workouts. Shop at and save big on all exercise and fitness equipment.