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Yoga & Pilates Equipment

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Pilates Machines

This exercise machine works and tones your whole body while improving balance and flexibility. If you are looking to improve your overall fitness level a Pilates reformer machinewill be the most single important piece of home exercise equipment. Performing a regular workout routine on the Pilates reformer will have your body looking tight and extremely sexy.

The Pilates Reformer Machine Looks Medieval

Ok the reformer might be intimidating to look out when you are taking your first Pilates class. There might be a little medieval imagery in your mind. After all, Pilate reformers incorporate a carriage ( metal or wood) , springs and rope straps together that may or could resemble a torture device The Pilates reformer has a sliding platform attached with springs and is moved using ropes or pushing off from a stationary foot bar. The springs glide or move back and forth on the reformer rollers. The springs provide the resistance and this resistance is how you shape and tone your body. This resistance can vary anywhere from barely noticeable to extremely tough. If you want to achieve the best possible Pilates workout then a reformer is in your feature. Just remember it may look intimidating at first however just remember the benefits of Pilates include improving your strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

A Pilates Reformer will help you to gain:

  • Leaner and longer muscles
  • Solid shoulders
  • Stout chest
  • defined biceps and triceps
  • leaner calves
  • Trimmer hips
  • Trimmer thighs
  • Firmer buttocks
  • tight abdominals
  • Relaxing and efficient breathing
  • increased flexibility
  • correct body postures
  • better mind-body coordination

Top Selling Pilates Machines

The Stamina Aero Pilates Pro XP 557 Pilates Reformer Machine is an in-home or commercial grade piece of exercise equipment. It consists of a spring system with different resistance levels set up on a platform that you can lay on, sit on or do various other exercises from. Buy the Stamina Aero Pilates Pro XP 556 Pilates Reformer Machine if you want to improve your flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and strength, all while enjoying a gentle, low-impact workout with this highly rated pilates reformer.

Top Selling Pilates Reformer DVD

These DVDs will introduce you to multiple Aero-Pilates Reformer exercises, helping you to establish a proper foundation to build from, and train effectively with the amazing selection of the best reformer exercises for your body.

Whether you are looking for Pilates Machines, Reformers, Mats, Balls, or accessories, or Yoga Mats, ActiveForever offers you the best choices of Pilates Equipment available at the best prices. In addition to pilates reformer machines, you can workout with pilates balls or simply use pilates mats. For an instructional workout complete with DVD and equipment, be sure to check out the PilatesStick. Browse our selection of Pilates Equipment to find the best choice for you!

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