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Hospital Supplies

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  1. Drive Overhead Adjustable Wheelchair Anti Theft Device

    The Drive Medical Overhead Adjustable Wheelchair Anti Theft Device is a smartly designed safety accessory for wheelchairs that prevents folding and protects them from being stolen. The accessory comes with an optional IV pole with hooks to support patients receiving IV therapies. The device is compatible for use with most of the Drive and other manufactured wheelchairs.

    Starting at: $89.50

  2. Drive RhinoGuard Atomizer Tip Covers

    The Drive Medical RG250 Rhinoguard Atomizer Tip Cover is a safety cover that is designed to prevent contamination of others while using atomizers for multiple patients. The tip cover is attached to the end of the atomizer flow tip and disposed of after a single use. The cover helps eliminate patient trauma and reduce the splash back of medication for clinician protection.

    Starting at: $247.99

  3. Drive Model 286-RD Atomizer

    The Drive Medical Model 286-RD Atomizer is designed to administer a fine medicated mist to nasal or oral cavities. The atomizer has a polypropylene construction so it can be used with liquids that are unable to be used with metal. The atomizer is primarily used for the treatment of animals but can also be used in other medical situations.

    Starting at: $55.63

  4. Drive Model 15-RD Atomizer

    The Drive Medical Model 15-RD Atomizer is designed for nose or throat treatments with a swivel tip that allows healthcare professionals to direct the tip precisely where the medication has to be delivered. The atomizer can be used either with or without the vented nasal guard. All solutions that are compatible with nickel plating can be administered using this atomizer.

    Starting at: $72.38

  5. Drive Model 180 Nebulizer

    The Drive Medical Model 180 Nebulizer is an ergonomic nebulizer that is ideal for treatments that require the administration of medication in the vapor form and not as a spray. The nebulizer is primarily used for lower respiratory or sensitive nasal tract treatments. The nebulizer can be used to administer all types of oil or water-based solutions.

    Starting at: $112.38

  6. Drive Model 177 Irrigation Syringe

    The Drive Medical Model 177 Irrigation Syringe can be used for a variety of ENT irrigation procedures. The small and malleable tube tip of the syringe ensures a deep and painless insertion into different body cavities. The flow of the solution can be regulated by the doctor or health care professional by simply altering the placement of a finger over a small hole on the head of the syringe

    Starting at: $123.75

  7. Drive Model 175 Powder Blower

    The Drive Medical Model 175 Power Blower is an efficient powder administration instrument that is designed to evenly diffuse powder into the ear, nose and throat cavities. The blower is operated by either the No 630 Cut-off assembly or the No 1 Bulb.

    Starting at: $82.50

  8. Drive Model 163 Atomizer

    The Drive Medical Model 163 Atomizer is a highly functional atomizer that is designed to administer aqueous or viscous medical solutions. The atomizer has a metal tip that can be adjusted up or down for a more precise delivery. The tip is equipped with a tight-fitting O ring that ensures the spray consistency making the atomizer ideal for decubitus ulcer treatments and wound cleansing and debriding.

    Starting at: $130.00

  9. Drive Model 151 Atomizer

    The Drive Medical Model 151 Atomizer is an efficient atomizer that is designed to administer aqueous solutions as medicated mist without force. It is ideal for the application of topical anesthetics, treatment of decubitus ulcers, and wound cleansing. The vacuum or venturi type atomizer consists of a metal tip that can be inserted deep into the nasal and throat cavities for treatment.

    Starting at: $120.00

  10. Drive Continuous Flow Oxygen Cylinder

    The Drive Medical E iFill Cylinder with Integrated Regulator is an oxygen cylinder that is filled using the iFill Oxygen Station. The integrated regulator allows users to set the oxygen output as per the required therapy and use the cylinder whenever required after it is filled.

    Starting at: $299.02

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