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Low Vision Aids

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  1. MedCenter 4 Alarm Medication Reminder

    MedCenter 4 Alarm Medication Reminder
  2. MedCenter Your Minder

    Never Forget to Take Your Medication Again!

    The MedCenter Your Minder is a versatile medication alarm clock for those who may forget to take their medications or would like to be more organized with their medicine. Use alone or with the MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer, this reminder features a loud speaker and jumbo digital screen.

  3. SpeakEasy Media System Software

    The SpeakEasy Media System Software is the perfect option for those that have a computer and are visually impaired or blind. The software provides easy access to e-mail, news articles, podcast audio shows, weather forecasts, dictionary, encyclopedia, DAISY books, and much more. The Speak Easy Media System Software was created with the user in mind and to give them simple and intuitive access to information. The Media System includes all of the full fledged features of the regular SpeakEasy Media System Complete except the Scan & Read. The SpeakEasy Media System Software works on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Vista.

  4. Carson DeskBright Plus LED Illuminated Desk Magnifier

    Carson DeskBright Plus LED Illuminated Desk Magnifier
  5. Carson FreeHand Lighted Hands Free Magnifier

    The Carson FreeHand Lighted Hands Free Magnifier is a compact and easy-to-use magnifier that works as a handheld tool or can stand on its own for convenient hands-free usage . With a magnification of up to 2.5 times, users are able to place the magnifier over books, magazines and newspapers without needing to squint; an added bonus is a spot lens that provides users with the ability of seeing the finest details.

  6. Carson MagniVisor Deluxe

    Carson MagniVisor Deluxe
  7. Carson MagniVisor Hands Free Magnifier

    This Carson MagniVisor Hands Free Magnifier is an easy to use magnifier that is worn on the head for hands-free usage. With an adjustable headband, this MagniVisor is a great tool for use while doing crafts or other hobbies that might require both hands. Great for individuals with low vision, the MagniVisor provides a magnification of 2 times, while a flip-down lens provides the user with 3 times the magnification. Buy the Carson MagniVisor Hands Free Magnifier today from ActiveForever!

  8. Carson MicroBrite Pocket Microscope

    The Carson MicroBrite Pocket Microscope is a lightweight and easy-to-use zoom pocket microscope that lets users achieve a magnified view of specimen slides and other small objects. Ideal for use by children and adults, the Carson MicroBrite Zoom Pocket Microscope features super-bright LED lights for a clear, bright image and an impressive 20x-40x magnification so you can see the finest details. The compact and portable design allows you to take and use it anywhere, and also includes two specimen slides (with covers) and a base stand for easy viewing. For user instructions please refer to the user's manual listed under product specifications. Buy the Carson MicroBrite Pocket Microscope from Active Forever today!

  9. Donegan Aspheric 5X Hand Held Magnifier

    Donegan Aspheric 5X Hand Held Magnifier
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Low Vision Aids - Helpful Products for the Visually Impaired

Are you or a loved one suffering from poor or lowered vision? Well, you are not alone. There are millions of people just like you. Even with prescription glasses or contacts you or someone you know Has trouble with seeing the TV or reading things like the news, recipes or a book.

Luckily there are many low vision aidsto help empower you, keeping you independent by making your life easier. These visual aid products can be as simple as a low tech magnifying glass or a spectacular new invention using the latest high technology and imaging software. All of these low vision products have one thing in common to help you live a more satisfying and independent life style.

Low Vision Products with Magnifier Lenses

Task Vision LEDThese stylish and lighted reading glasses are available up to a +6.00 magnification. There are a thousand and one uses for these low vision aid glasses. Not only are they great for reading these glasses can help any handyman or hobbyist get back to what they like doing best.

One of our best selling hands free magnifiers is the Donegan OptiVisor Headband Magnifier This quality made vision aid is used by people with and without impaired vision. This is the same magnifier device that many professional service providers use like doctors and jewelry makers. This visual aid product can be worn over prescription or eyeglasses or contacts.

Eschenbach MaxTV Glasses are the Cadillac of TV viewing glasses. The Eschenbach MaxTV Glasses feature an attractive, modern, hi-tech frame with a Galilean designs that offers a wide field of vision (20 degrees). If you or someone you know and love has a visual impairment these might be one of the more simple and useful visual aid products out there. These visual helpers are highly recommended to anyone with low vision that misses watching TV.

Using the Latest Technology in Low Vision Aid Products

This vision enhancing technology was just science fiction a decade or two ago. We have an extensive product list of high tech low vision aids which are available for many different types of visual disabilities.

inSite Portable Video Magnifier This is a great digital magnifying tool and especially useful for those individuals with macular degeneration. You can view items in full color and take a snap shot for later viewing. You can see this visual aid product in action by watching the video on the product page. Bierley MPD-12-MD Macular Degeneration Video Magnifier is a low vision aid device that uses a video camera to project a magnified image onto a screen such as a TV or computer screen. It is a Digital clock, photo frame and magnifier all in one. The video magnifier is ultra-lightweight making it ideal for seniors.

SpeakEasy Media System Complete The SpeakEasy Media System is the most intuitive computer for visually impaired and the blind available. The SpeakEasy empowers visually impaired users to instantly "get online" with no training required! Plug it in, and you"re ready to go.

The ActiveForever"s low vision product list offers the best choices of Low Vision Aids on the web. Whether you are searching for low vision magnifiers or other aids for low vision, you will find an incredible selection of products designed to help with glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other disorders. Browse the selection of handheld video magnifiers, illuminated magnifiers, magnifying mirrors, and other Low Vision Aids, or click on one of the low vision articles below for more information.

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